Ill (2019)

Ximena del Solar, Max Evans, Felipe Ríos, Chiara Pavoni,
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  • Kai E. Bogatzki, Domiziano Cristopharo, Lucio A. Rojas, Lorenzo Zanoni, Director:
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10 / 10

Alot better than doodoo apocalypse

This film consists of four segments from four different directors. All four directors are from different countries. One from from Germany and two from Italy. I've never seen a folm like this where the story was about a deadly virus. The first three segments are pretty graphic and kind of disturbing. But overall...this is definitely an original film about contagious viruses. I would definitely recommend this one.

10 / 10

Very good movie, are zero-star bad comments fake?

I loved the movie and I would recommend it.Also, there is some good critic that shares my same good opinion.I read many bad comments down there, but I don't see the point to give one star to a very good work. Well done, guys!

10 / 10

Very good!

Good graphics, I expecially enjoyed the second part of the movie but really liked the whole plot overall.I would advise that.

10 / 10

Definitely loved that

It's original, disturbing and definitely well done.Really enojed it.