If Anything Happens I Love You (2020)

  • 8.1 /10.0 IMDB Rating:
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  • 2020-11-21 Added:
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  • Michael Govier, Will McCormack, Director:
  • Gerald Chamales, Maryann Garger, Gary Gilbert, Producer:
10 / 10

Incredibly moving, needed

This film may be short but it packs a punch. Incredibly needed today around the conversation of gun safety and grieving over those lost.

10 / 10

Absolutely Haunting

This short was devastating to watch. It feels like it is a story that will ring true for some many families and that is the absolute worst part.

There is a scene in the middle that is just so haunting and upsetting, it was really really emotional.

The art style works really well with it too. It is almost sketch-like and the colours are used so effectively to portray the emotions that people are feeling.

The score is also really great too. It works so well with everything else that I have mentioned.

I would definitely watch this. It is really effective and I definitely would expect it to get nominated next year for animated short.

10 / 10

An engaging art style and very sad story

When you first start watch this insanely packed film you might be confused about what was actually going on. I have just seen it for the first time and I already know I will need to watch several more times to unpick everything this short has to offer. Cleverly but confusingly, this rather unique style of animation shows many metaphors, symbols and even weird shadow characters. All of this is to help convey the raw, sad emotion of grief of two parents. I enjoyed every second of this sad 11 minute short and can see the effort creativity gone into making it

10 / 10

throw away your weapons usa !!!

What a good and sad story. there were tears when I saw it. would also be crushed and lost. if I lose my children. do not understand why the usa should be so stupid and just ban weapons. big heart to the parents who wanted to show their grief.

10 / 10

Very Potent

The music and images create an emotional roller coaster that everybody should experience. Sympathy in the beginning, empathy in the end, all in 12 minutes. Well worth the watch.