Ida Red (2021)

Ida "Red" Walker may not survive her terminal illness while incarcerated for armed robbery. She turns to her son, Wyatt, for one last job and a chance to regain her freedom.
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  • John Swab, Director:
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6 / 10

Not bad

Nothing fancy just a decent film with some solid acting and a good at storyline. Not a film I'd watch again but it's worth checking out. 6 stars.

3 / 10

God, please STOP that annoying music

Full of plot holes. Frank Grillo is not a real actor. How did get inside the hospital room when that driver was supposed to be guarded by cops? How does he kill two people in the house whe he knew there was a third one there? And so on.

Second rate movie with bad acting and God awful and annoying "ominous" music. You know a bad movie when there is that annoying ominous music.

3 stars tops, the rest is bull.

7 / 10

Absolutely Brilliant Little Indy that Does Everything Right...

Sometimes a movie just nails it with all the right moves and subtleties and flows like a crazy river through your dark, poetic need to be entertained by a film of this genre. But without all the profanity, over-acting, and senseless, overworked drivel that passes for "drama" and 'effect". Bleak and violent as this is at times, that is not the feeling it ultimately leaves you with. The music is utterly perfect, the acting is seamless, and the dialog and direction just work together like a well-oiled machine from beginning to end. It's damn fine film making that MANY other new directors(and even some older ones) could, and SHOULD take SERIOUS notes from. Can't put too fine a point on this except to say; "Damn, that was really good."

2 / 10

Slow and boring

I almost fell asleep by the end of this movie. It's slow and boring. I expected a decent movie, but my expectations were very high for it.

9 / 10

Well-done all around

Intelligent scri[t, good acting, good camera work. No cliches in this movie. Melissa Leo's best work to-date. I have never liked Frank Grillo or Josh Hartnett but they do a fine job in this movie. Every member of the cast is pitch perfect. Worth watching twice for the nuances missed on first viewing.