I Am Them (2020)

Clayton Ballard, Timothy Vernor, Larry Laverty, Heather Horrocks, Tim Forehand, Matthew Mcmillen, Donna Scott, Tim Mccormick, Wesley Englebach,
IMThem is a movie starring Clayton Ballard, Larry Laverty, and Heather Horrocks. David, a theatrical make up artist, stumbles upon the murder of his city's mayor forcing him to go on the run from two masked killers. He quickly...
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3 / 10

a neurotic mayhem...

On the borderlines of sanity, a film about a half jobless make up artist, that does his best to survive at the local theater scenes, stumbles into a killing crime, gets caught by the assassins, breaks away, and dives into a nightmarish downspiral of a hideway run of fright and horror and in the end a kind of graphic revenge...

its an amateurs workshop movie, where everything is on a basic level, and the sack of gold quite empty, there are sound issues en masse', light settings not good enough for a dark environment horror flick, low standard filmography, and editing, the score is a one man show that sound horrific and well suited for the chime of the genre. the story line are very clockwork orange like, and the advertized comedy sits deep in there, maybe fun for some...

the grumpy old man gives a weak three for this a-z errors of filmaking, its less than a time filler and will not get my recommendments, its too weird and nothingless.

8 / 10

A New Effort in a New Direction

IMTHEM is a film that requires an audience that understands that indie is NOT and never will BE the Hollywood Machine. If you're familiar with the early works of directors such as Cassavettes you understand that one film is only an indicator of where a director is going.DeGennaro is well on his path to greatness. Does the the film have challenges? Yep and that is not in question.The heart the film, the humor of the film and the performances give a nod to directors who have taken challenges and finished the job.Perhaps not to everyone's likings but I recently saw WonderWoman and with hundreds of millions of dollars all of the creativity that Hollywood could muster, the film still got panned.So, when a new voice rises, I tend to give them the benefit of the doubt. Nice effort and I'm sure it will find it's audience.