How to Play Baseball (1942)

Fred Shields, George Johnson,
How to Play Baseball is a short starring Fred Shields. Goofy demonstrates how to play baseball. He plays all positions for both teams, and demonstrates many different types of pitches.
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  • Dick Kinney, Sylvia Moberly-Holland, Writer:
  • Jack Kinney, Director:
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9 / 10

Slow Start, But Once The Game Is Played It's Hilarious

The first half of this is explaining, through some somewhat-amusing examples, the basics of baseball: hitting, pitching, the different kinds of pitches, etc.

The really funny part begins when they show the bottom of the ninth inning of the last game in the World Series. It's The Gray Sox versus the Blue Sox. One team is leading 3-0 and their pitcher is throwing a no-hitter. What happens after that is hilarious as the losing team creeps back into the game with a climactic finish. The scenario is completely exaggerated for a humorous effect and it works. I found myself laughing out loud at a few of the scenes.

This short starts off slowly and gets better and better as it goes on.

9 / 10

An enticing how-to and a solid piece of entertainment

Jack Kinney was something of a miracle-worker for Disney, tirelessly concocting short after short involving the iconic Disney characters of Mickey Mouse, Pluto, and Goofy into cute, elaborate little short films that work as cute instructional videos, zippy entertainment, or often, a combination of the two. Kinney's How to Play Baseball is one of the several shorts he created that involved the Goofy character partaking in some kind of sport, whether it be golf, football, swimming, or even self-defense. The short focuses on Goofy's involvement in trying to succeed at the nation's pastime baseball and features a rousing game between the Blue Sox and the Gray Sox. During the game, the film shows numerous elements of the game that result in a surprisingly nailbiting short film. The one thing Kinney consistently does well is animate and conduct the action scenes, which are flawlessly animated for their time and completely unpredictable in their zaniness. Not to mention with a leading character like Goofy, hilarity is almost imminent.

Directed by: Jack Kinney.

9 / 10

Goofy and baseball, what can go wrong ?

One of the best Disney shorts. Highly recommend. Same very funny.

8 / 10

Oh No! He Dropped It!

I've seen this so many times, but have never commented on it. There is something about it that is quite charming. I like that all the players and the umpire are variations on Goofy. They do a nice job of showing how the game is played and then go to the seventh game of the World Series to demonstrate. Of course, everything is exaggerated and typical goofiness, but it works pretty well here. If you watch, you'll find my utter amusement in the title of this review.

9 / 10

Not quite as good as How to Play Football, but still a great cartoon

How to Play Baseball gets off to a slightly slow start. The narrative explanation was very interesting, especially for someone like me who has never played baseball in her life, but it wasn't as funny or as crisply paced as the rest of the cartoon. When it does get going, complete with a suitably ferentic pace, it is non-stop hilarity with the ending and the scene where the player gets hit on the head and walks around in a daze standing out. The sound effects also add much, especially the screeching tyres and wobbling guitar chord. The animation is clean, smooth and very colourful, and the whole different personalities with Goofy as various characters, as with How to Play Football, is a masterstroke.

Overall, a great cartoon and one of the finer How to Goofy cartoons. 9/10 Bethany Cox