How to Be a Man (2013)

Gavin McInnes, Liam Aiken, Megan Neuringer, Marisa Redanty,
When former comedian Mark McCarthy is faced with a rare form of cancer, he hires a young, impressionable cameraman to document his crude and comical lessons on what it means to be a man for his unborn son.
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  • Bryan Gaynor, Writer:
  • Chadd Harbold, Director:
  • David Brooks, Terry Leonard, Producer:
8/10 / 10

What makes a good comedy? Is it character development, plot, productionvalues, maybe? I would draw a straight line, because it's that simple:it should make you laugh. That's where most comedies with highproduction values, character development or expensive decoration and FXin the range of 8+ rating fail: they just don't deliver those skullcracking gigs and belly thrashing laughs. Is let's say "The GrandBudapest Hotel" a better movie? - Yes! Well, objectively, let's notdeny obvious cumulative well earned 8.2 points. Did it make me laugh? -Nope, even though I've enjoyed my time spent, it only made me smile atutmost. Hence if you are "hate family comedies" kind of a person andwant some pure and simple raw fun, turn to "How to be a Man" - you suregonna love it.

10/10 / 10

Turns out the normies haven't done very much research.. This page ispretty unscathed.

After watching this movie, I was moved, I was on the edge of my seatwith complete anticipation of the climax.. When it was time to cry Icried. When it time to laugh I laughed, I never fell asleep one timeduring this film.

Many hours after watching this movie I still had questions. Iquestioned my life, my love and my own ideals.. It was at that verymoment of complete awakening I came to the very hard conclusion thatHitler did nothing wrong...

3/10 / 10

Gavin McInnes seems to have the same problem as Robert DeNiro. Bywanting to be a businessman, betting on as many horses as possible, hisaudience can't remember when was the last time he came up with goodmaterial. Whilst playing with the subject of 'older guy trying to makea point', the viewer is submitted to a wafer-thin script & very poorexecution. The deadpan reactions of the main character simply aren'tfunny enough and so called embarrassing situations are too scripted andbadly acted to get a reaction. Maybe some millennials and neo-conformer-hipsters will appreciate the obvious irony, but I would steereveryone away from this dud.

7 / 10

Simple and funny comedy

How to be a man, with Gavin McInnes is a simple comedy. Funny simple.

McInnes plays himself as Mark McCarthy and it shows. He is a former comedian who thinks he is dying, so he wants to leave his unborn son with a few life-lessons. We follow McInnes and the cameraman Bryan, played by Liam Aiken, as they go through various experiences that are supposed to teach McCarthy's son what to expect of life.

I saw this film without any expectations, not having seen or heard of it before. I have seen McInnes personality in some work, so I knew what to expect of him. That was to my advantage.

If you have seen some of his work, and didn't like it, chances are that you will not like this film. It carries a lot on him, and to be honest, few other actors could have made this film tolerable. The cast is excellent, and Aiken does a very good job as supporting actor.

The reason why it didn't get a better rating from me is while it was a very entertaining movie, the plot was simple and I doubt it will stick with me. Not necessarily a bad thing, I think I could watch this several times more.

Worth watching, IF you like Gavin McInnes.

10 / 10

Proud of your Boy, Gav.

Proud of your boy I'll make you proud of your boy Believe me, bad as I've been, Ma You're in for a pleasant surprise

I've wasted time I've wasted me So say I'm slow for my age A late bloomer, Okay, I agree

That I've been one rotten kid Some son, some pride and some joy But I'll get over these lousing' up Messin' up, screwing' up times

You'll see, Ma, now comes the better part Someone's gonna make good Cross his stupid heart Make good and finally make you Proud of your boy

Tell me that I've been a louse and loafer You won't get a fight here, no ma'am Say I'm a goldbrick, a goof-off, no good But that couldn't be all that I am

Water flows under the bridge Let it pass, let it go There's no good reason that you should believe me Not yet, I know, but

Someday and soon I'll make you proud of your boy Though I can't make myself taller Or smarter or handsome or wise

I'll do my best, what else can I do ? Since I wasn't born perfect like Dad or you Mom, I will try to Try hard to make you Proud of your boy