House Party 3 (1994)

Christopher Reid, Christopher Martin, David Edwards, Angela Means,
House Party 3 is a movie starring Christopher Reid, Christopher Martin, and David Edwards. Kid, after a lifetime 'playing the field', is about to get married. 'Play' plans to throw the best bachelor party ever - until 'Kid's' three...
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  • Reginald Hudlin, David Toney, Takashi Bufford, Writer:
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3 / 10

nothing interesting

Kid is struggling with his impending marriage to girlfriend Veda. His ex-girlfriend Sydney (Tisha Campbell) returns. He and Play fail to sign Sex as a Weapon (TLC) to promoter Showboat's lame tour. Stinky is a hanger-on. There are Kid's uncle Vester (Bernie Mac) and his three little cousins.

The guys are not necessarily compelling actors. They had some innocent fun as younger performers. They don't have that anymore. This would be more interesting historically if TLC are main characters. The story meanders. The comedy isn't funny. Tisha Campbell has only a few lines. The other actors are nothing interesting. The three kids are more annoying than fun. There's a party at the end but I don't care by that point.

1 / 10

Down the same road as Home Alone

Similar to such trilogies as American Pie and Home Alone, the first House Party was indisputably the best. The second House Party wasn't quite the same but decent still. And then there's the third.

After waiting YEARS to watch this film, having seen the first two, I felt cheated and utterly disgusted. It's nothing more than a long music video slash band promotion vehicle, disguised as a sequel with a heavily diluted plot. There were very few funny moments compared to the previous films and Immature, as well as Uncle Vester and the aunt, destroyed the whole film. There are a whole load of other issues I have with the film, but I don't want to give anything away.

Do yourself a favour; don't watch it! And knowing this film is tripe, don't watch House Party 4 either!

8 / 10

Far better than you think

I don't really care how bad people assume this film is, to me it is somewhat of a classic.

Bernie Mac steals the show from his opening scene as the dubious uncle Vester. Always about ten seconds away from losing his temper and revealing his true psychopathic side. This alone brings me and a fair few others close to tears.

Add to this Showboat and the cast of ex-con catering and defy virtually anyone not to need picking up from the floor. Hysterics are guaranteed.

Not big, not clever and certainly not in any top 100 lists, but a film that gets better each time I see it.

7 / 10

Stinky man, my name's Stinky.

If you were to ask me how many ways this film transformed into a disaster, I do not believe I would have enough fingers and toes to fully count the ways. From the dreamy beginning of this bland final chapter, until the ending cliché moments, there were probably a million different themes and elements that were utterly pathetic. In fact, I believe that this may be the first film that I have watched which had no redeeming values surrounding it. For any of you that have watched, like myself, the House Party trilogy, there is a level of expectation that follows these films. The first movie set the groundwork. Kid & Play need to get to a party and express themselves lyrically. The sequel finished the shabby generic walls of the house by repeating a similar diagram, while the third film was the demolition team to tear it down. Everything set up from the beginning of this series was destroyed, demolished, decayed, disemboweled by the time that the third installment arrived. We were missing key characters, Kid & Play seemed less excited by this film, and apparently continuity from the second film was not a top priority for director Eric Meza. This film is nothing but trash left in the house for too long. House Party 3 smells, it is attracting too many flies, and mold is the only form of life willing to adapt to it. Sad to see the potentials of a trilogy die because the final film didn't pay respect to its beginnings.

I would like to say that the acting was to blame for such a disappointing ending, but that means I would have to admit to there actually being acting in this film. That is something I am not willing to acknowledge at this time. As our story developed, you could easily see the relief behind Kid & Play's eyes knowing that this was going to be their final jaunt in the House Party line. In fact, you could see the excitement melt away from their characters as the film progressed. It was a headache to watch. Kid was not his typical expression-esquire self, but instead, older and more tired? Play was just annoying in this film. Meza decided to completely disregard their passions in the first two films and make them managers instead of performers in this final one. This is what hurt the most, to witness two characters that we have seen grow over time from young idealistic teens ready to lyrically express themselves and go to parties, to old, tired, and boring actors caring less about the music, more about the money, and have the lamest parties imaginable. I thought I would never find myself saying this, but I missed "Pops" from the original. I didn't miss him in the second film, but now seeing this final chapter I missed some of the old faces. This may be the only time you hear me say this, but I missed Martin Lawrence. While I hated his character in the first two films, he was an element missing House Party 3. They tried to cover this by employing Bernie Mac as the annoying Uncle, but it just didn't seem to work. Screaming is not a substitute for acting. Chris Tucker makes a small cameo, and honestly, I could have used more of him. He was a shining bit of light in this dark, damp, disgusting film.

As you read this review, you may find yourself saying, "Andy, you hated the other two films, what made you think this would be any different?" I don't think I was hoping for Oscar nominations, but I did want a strong finale to this trilogy. I worked my way through it, I felt I deserved it. I wanted to see familiar faces, as much as I hated them, I wanted to see a familiar plot (however generic and repetitive it was to be), and I wanted to see a union between two familiar characters, instead of throwing in a random stranger at the end. I feel as if these are very reasonable requests considering nothing lead me to believe this film would end up to be the tragedy it was. After watching this film, no matter how bad it was going to be, I wanted to be able to flip through the channels on TV and see House Party on TBS and find myself reminiscing of the future that I knew. Now, that is never going to happen. If there is one trilogy that I want to put behind me, it is the House Party films. For nearly an hour and a half, we watch unmotivated characters force themselves through cliché urban hip-hop cinema motions. Where were the bad guys? Where were the familiarities of the original films? I hated the first films, but I detested House Party 3. Why bother building a fan base if you are just going to tear it down with the finale. It is somewhat like changing characters midway through a television series. It just doesn't work, and it didn't work in this film.

Overall, this movie was a disaster. While the other two films were never much to write home about, I did want a conclusion. I wanted to finish this series without worrying that there may be more coming around the bend. That was, before I noticed House Party 4 as another sequel. This series should have ended after the first one. House Party is a classic example of what happens when Hollywood notices that small budget films can continue to make money even after they loose their appeal. Take a look at Scary Movie 4 being released soon. Honestly, is it necessary? I do not suggest this film or this entire series. The first one, if you are forced to watch, than watch. Otherwise, don't waste your brain space!

Grade: * out of *****

5 / 10

It was cool when I was a teen

I saw it as a teen years ago and I'm afraid to watch it again. I have fair memories of it and certain parts and I'm afraid that if I watch it again I will only hate it as I did the first two. Kid nor Play can act and their plots are juvenile at best. But hey, it worked for me as a teenager.