Honeymoon, Honeymurder (2021)

Candace Cameron Bure, Niall Matter, Marilu Henner, Miranda Frigon,
While on a "pre-honeymoon" getaway, Aurora and Nick discover a body, and as they get closer to finding out what really happened, danger knocks on their doorstep.
  • 7.0 /10.0 IMDB Rating:
  • DatePublished:
  • 2022-06-28 Added:
  • Charlaine Harris, Jim Head, Teena Booth, Writer:
  • Martin Wood, Director:
  • John MacCarthy, Producer:
8 / 10

Where o where art thou

I enjoyed this episode and the location change. But there were two main characters missing and it was noticeable.

8 / 10

What is happening to Aurthor and Sally?

Yes, I know Aurthor and kids went on cruise without their mother, but where is Sally and more important where are the actors? Aurthur had a bit part in Mystery 101, but is this the end for him here?

10 / 10

Never disappointed !

I love all the Aurora Teagarden movies and this one didn't disappoint . I usually can't guess the murderer which makes it more enjoyable.

4 / 10

No excuse for such a poor showing...

The mysteries are always predictable and Candice's acting just tolerable but I've always still found them enjoyable. Not so here. Something seemed "off" about it all and it's not the fault of Covid. There's no energy, the script and mystery are flat, the usual great chemistry between "Nick" and "Aurora" isn't there and the two missing characters are sorely missed. "Nick" just seemed like a spare wheel tagging along with "Aurora" while she frantically and fanatically forced herself into everyone's business. Her acting was much worse than usual and direction was poor. There wasn't anything "pre-honeymoon" about it. Not even a candlelight dinner between the two!

5 / 10


Not up to the quality of the 16 previous movies. Even Nick and Roe have lost the chemistry that has always been evident. Roe was so nosy that it was difficult to watch.