Holy Goalie (2017)

Karra Elejalde, Alain Hernández, El Langui, Macarena García,
When the monks living at a small rural monastery face it being transformed into a hotel due to the lack of income, a newcomer monk convinces them their only chance is teaching them soccer and trying to win the "Champions Clerum" tour
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  • Mauricio Romero, Writer:
  • Curro Velázquez, Director:
  • Juan Gordon, Producer:

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7 / 10

Funny and enjoyable film about a botcher group of priests attempting to win the Champion Clerum in the Vatican City

Very fun and bewildering Spanish movie with a lot of amusement and entertainment. It deals with a Monks school or Seminary where new priests learn their works. As monks are living at a small rural monastery where manufacture tasty muffin, and a sort of tea cookie called Perrunilla , however, the Bishop : Chato Valverde, wants to transform it into a National Parador due to lack of Church funds. Then, a newcomer priest, Alain Hernandez, convinces the Superior Father, Karra Elejalde, the only chance to avoid it is playing the Finalissima, league 2016-2027, the 23 Champion Clerum tournament to compete in the Vaticanum.

This attractive story contains soccer sports, emotion, tension, excitement galore, entertainment and lots of fun. Along the way an enjoyable love story takes place between an ingenuous novice, Joe Bosqued, and the beautiful paramedic Macarena Garcia.Following the hard preparatives of a diverse team formed by naive priests preparing a competing soccer match, tournament held in Italy, being played each year, and while a friendly monk , Alain Hernandez, teaching them, as this priest is assigned the difficult mission to train the bungling novices . The most part of the film concerns in the elaborate process to train them, including a great number of laughters , confusion and mayhem. Some situations are laugh out loudridiculous and the story proceeds at a breakneck speed that flags, at times. The sympathetic roles and vibrant script use bewildering incidents to give us a charming flick and that keeps you entertained for the almost 100 minutes of duration. Main and support actors give terrific interpretations. Special mention for the veteran and well-known actor Karra Elejalde, as the stiff-upper-lip Father, he has a proliific career from the 80s playing all kinds of roles such as 8 apellidos Vascos, 8 apellidos Catalanes, Marujas asesinas, Accion mutante, 100 metros, A Esmorga, Chicken skin, Corsarios del chip, Numbered days, Earth, Salto al vacio, Visionaires, Alas de Mariposa, Cows, Miel de naranjas, Time crimes, Madre muerta, Even the rain, Los ultimos de Filipinas . Furthermore, standing out El Langui, a handicapped actor and Hip-Hop singer who at the movie final sings a catching Rap. At the moving and stirring ending a football match is set up so that the players execute a great effort to play it and to get their aims at whatever means.

It contains a wonderful and evocative musical score by Fernando Velazquez who had got musical hits in films as Orphanage, The impossible, A monster calls, The invisible guest, Deep, Guernica, among others. As well as a colorful and brilliant cinematography by Unax Mendia. The motion picture was well directed by Curro Velazquez. He is a notorious writer as TV as cinema with successes as Hombres de Paco, Chringuito de Pepe, Periodistas and Fuga de cerebros I and II or Brain drain. Rating 7/10, above average. Fun for the whole family.

8 / 10

Very cute

This movie was more cute than laugh-out-loud hilarious but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It has all the typical beats of an underdog sports team movie but the modern-day monastery was a fresh and interesting setting. The characters were all very fun and not cliche, I thought.

8 / 10

Funnier than expected

I saw the bad reviews and had low expectations, but this was a fun and hilarious movie. I've also never seen a movie that takes place in a monastery and I like that it made the monks seem like real people. I just wish it had had English audio!

10 / 10

A funny Spanish movie

It is short in duration, but is very fun and entertaining.

4 / 10

Saving a Monastery

After getting into serious trouble while working as a missionary in Africa, an unconventional Roman Catholic priest named "Father Salva" (Alain Hernandez) is subsequently sent to a small monastery in rural Spain to essentially keep him out of trouble. As it so happens, this particular monastery is headed by a man named "Father Munilla" (Karra Elejalde) who prefers to run things in a simple and orderly manner. Unfortunately, things become quite complicated for Father Munilla when he is informed by his superiors that the monastery--which he has devoted his entire life--is being sold to a real estate developer who intends to convert it into a resort hotel. So with no other options he reluctantly turns to the one person who seems to have a solution--Father Salva. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that, even though the plot was somewhat predictable, it was still relatively unique in its own special way. To be sure, it wasn't a great comedy by any means. But it had enough humor to keep things entertaining to a certain degree and for that reason I have rated it as just slightly below average.