Holy Flame of the Martial World (1983)

Leanne Lau, Siu Chung Mok, Jason Pai Piao, Phillip Chung-Fung Kwok,
A brother and sister seek vengeance for the death of their parents.
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  • Kwok-Yuen Cheung, Sang Siu, Writer:
  • Chin-Ku Lu, Director:
  • Mona Fong, Producer:

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7 / 10

About as crazy as you can get

Set bound martial arts / magic kung-fu insanity. Flying remote controlled swords, a woman who shoots explosive rays from her finger, the ghostly laugh power. At one point there is a fight with a corpse / mummy that speaks English! A lot of skeletons are tossed around. Overall the film moves along at a good clip but it really exists in an alternate universe. If strident unreality is not your thing avoid this film at all costs.

Some of the "outdoor" scenes seem to have been shot in a small garage. You can see the wall painted sky blue only a few feet away from the actors. It is a little confusing as the lead good guy "The Phantom" and the lead bad guy "The Monster" resemble each other.

Regardless, I enjoyed the film.

7 / 10

Wild and Hilarious Hong Kong Martial Arts Film

Eighteen years ago, the leaders of a number of martial arts clans captured and killed a young couple who refused to give them "the manual"; the couple had a son and a daughter, each of whom were taken by a rival clan to be raised and trained in the martial arts. Now, the youngsters are 18 and ready to find the weapon that will allow them to avenge their parents' deaths - but first they must fight, among other things, a black-clad English-speaking mummy, flying Chinese ideograms, treachery both within and outside of their clans, and maybe even each other?. This is one of the hilarious martial arts movies made by the famed Shaw Brothers in the 1980s, who attempted to revive interest in the form by throwing everything but the kitchen sink into the mix. By this time in their careers, they were also playing with special effects (as a result of the success of the original "Star Wars" film) and the results were sometimes spectacular and sometimes spectacularly awful! A great deal of fun, but don't try to find any logic or rationale in the story or your head will surely explode!

8 / 10

Old school blackbelt theater

Wild fantasy wuxia flick from the eighties. It checked all the boxes for a good kung fu flick: Revenge, training sequence, soap opera twist, vivid florescent 80's colors (I think I saw some headbands & leg warmers on a few female fighters). What a great walk down memories from my childhood.

3 / 10

The Shaw Brothers take a crack at 'Star Wars' & 'Raiders' with laughable results

Having watched many a Shaw Brothers, there are some I love for the action, some for the choreography, some for the story-telling and some for the humor; but this this I love for being their version of 'Plan 9 From Outer Space'.

8 / 10

What's not to love?

A latter-stage fantasy from Shaw and it's a real hoot. A youthful Max Mok plays an upstanding hero raised by Phillip Kwok, playing a legendary figure with an impressive "ghostly laugh" technique. There's plenty of back story in the tale of separated siblings, rival clan leaders, power-hungry megalomaniacs, revenge and magical weaponry. The pacing is super-fast and this one's chock-full of wacky special effects and even crazier fight scenes that take wirework to the next level. It's cheap at times, extremely cheesy and thoroughly cheerful with it; what's not to love?!