Holy Emy (\N)

A young Filipina searches for the missing links between her strange bleeding condition and her faraway mother's healing powers.
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  • Giulia Caruso, Writer:
  • Araceli Lemos, Director:
  • Konstantinos Vassilaros, Producer:

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6 / 10

some feelings

I thought it was a girl's mind like hummingbird. I didn't expect it to be completely different. Girls shed blood, religious rituals, baby sacrifices, and tell the growth history of a pair of girls in a way close to cut films. Coupled with the identity of immigrants, it is worth pondering.

7 / 10

Psychic Surgery

Psychic surgery and faith healing. Not your everyday topic in the movies. This film is exuberant. For better or worse. There is an intoxicating dramaturgical and emotional magic that lasts all the way through. The multilingualism adds a lot. But not the music. It becomes a burden.

Still, the film puts me in a mood, a delirium tremens kind of condition, that is difficult to interpret. Kind of like psychic surgery. Harmful or healthy?

7 / 10

Don't try to sell this as the truth!

The film is good, the direction competent, the performances excellent, but to believe that a baby is born with a fishbone in its esophagus is asking a lot of credulity from the spectator. This kind of movie that endorses this kind of irrational belief does humanity a disservice. Ladies and gentlemen: This is a fraud. There are no such "psychic powers".

Here in Brazil, several of these healers have been unmasked, the most famous of them, Zé Arigó did the same type of "spiritual operation" that the character does in the film. This is fraud. And not to show that in the movie is to prove a fraud. Vou buscar entrevistas da diretora para saber se ela realmente acredita nesses disparates,