Hollidaysburg (2014)

Rachel Keller, Tobin Mitnick, Claire Chapelli, Tristan Erwin,
Home for Thanksgiving break after their first semester at college, five friends discover just how much things change (and don't) after high school.
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  • Philip Quinaz, Victor Quinaz, Dan Schoffer, Writer:
  • A.M. Lukas, Director:
  • Julie Buck, Josh Hetzler, Producer:


7/10 / 10

I watched both this, and "Not Cool" to officially do the "Chair"experiment, and neither film was great, and neither film was terribleeither.

After seeing the trailers for both I definitely had much higher hopesfor "Hollidaysburg" over "Not Cool".

In the end though the film was nothing amazing as the trailer mightsuggest. It really wasn't that funny, I didn't feel much chemistrybetween the leads, and it was a little bit slow and awkward, but not ina good way.

It did have some moments though, it was shot nicely, and I did reallylike the music. Beyond that it was just OK. The best part about itthough would be how it captured the FEELING of being home on break andsome of that drama, which is the only thing the film really did well,and did better then "Not Cool" in that regard.

Beyond that though "Not Cool" was silly, but had a few jokes andactually surprised me a little after I Watched it in that I actuallydid care about the characters a little by the end, and that film had afew moments as well. (I also though felt no chemistry between thecharacters in Not Cool for the most part as well.) "Not Cool" was alsonot particularly funny after the first 10 minutes, and not aparticularly good film either.

So, bottom line, "Not Cool" gets an OK 5, and Hollidaysburg gets aslightly better, but still "OK" 7. Thats about all I can give it, asneither film was great, but they both had some decent moments and some(occasional) laughs. Hollidaysburg's FEELING of thanksgiving break wasmuch more authentic then "Not Cool"s though and that was the differencefor me.

Definitely no masterpiece, and better then "Not Cool", but that reallyisn't saying much. It was OK.

9/10 / 10

This was such a beautiful little film about going back home andlearning to let go. After having seen the trailer I was definitely moreexcited for this film that Shane Dawson's Not Cool. They are both incompetition On Starz' The chair to win a grand prize of $250,000. Ihave to say I hope this wins because it deserves it.

The director has a real eye. The use of lighting and reflection isbeautiful as is the framework of almost every shot. The actors arewonderful in their roles. Rachel Keller and Tobin Mitnik are charmingand give very subtle performances. Very natural. The supportingcharacters are the same.

As for the plot, have we seen it before?


But what makes this familiar territory so fresh is the fact that itsfrom someone new. This is Anna Mertemucci Directorial debut, and ifthis in any indication of whats to come she has a bright future. I knowI'll be keeping an eye out for her.

The film contains some language, sexual situations, and drug use.

7/10 / 10

Good indy movie.

I think it did a nice job of illustrating the awkward times whenvisiting home during your early college years. The breakups, thehookups, dealing with your parents again after a taste of freedom, andinteractions with your HS friends who didn't go away to college. Iremember those times vividly, even though I'm Gen X not Millennial.

I agree with an earlier reviewer that the 2 female leads looked so muchalike that I frequently confused them. Seems nitpicky but it's a petpeeve of mine.

If you grew up in a similar area (rural northeast, post-industrial), Ithink you'll get what the writer/director were going for, and you'llenjoy it. It's very well acted and really nicely shot and certainlyworth your time on Netflix Instant.

8/10 / 10

I'm going to keep it short.

If you're from Pennsylvania, you'll love this movie by default -especially if you're from Western PA or a coal town in Eastern part ofthe state.

Beautifully shot, scripted, and acted. Lots of insider stuff for thelocals as well.

Sticky buns.

John Updike.

Greasy spoons and diners.

Abandoned industrial buildings that have seen better days.

Hollidaysburg is what small town America is all about. You can go homeagain.

10/10 / 10

Great film about college freshmen coming home for Break. A surprisingnumber of jokes that really "hit." The humor was enjoyable andconsistent throughout the movie. Highly recommended. All the actors hadtheir funny lines, it wasn't a film that had one or two funny spots,and after that lost its track. The story is a little light in the endmessage on the surface, but underneath there are many mini lessons, andafter all in this type of feel good, funny film its not the type offilm I go to looking for a movie to tell me now to live my life. Notsure if its better to watch the Chair first or after, I had only seentwo episodes before seeing this movie, but it could be good either way,I think.