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Brian Thompson, Adrienne Barbeau, Ben Browder, Cheryl Texiera,
Hoax is a movie starring Adrienne Barbeau, Brian Thompson, and Ben Browder. An investigative team travels deep into the remote Colorado wilderness after a group of young campers are viciously murdered by what may be Bigfoot.
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10 / 10

Bigfoot: Up Close and Very Personal

Sure, Bigfoot slaughters lots of innocent kids camping out in the woods, but did you know that he also paints watercolor landscapes? Something the "lame-stream" media never mentions. He also enjoys watching figure skating on TV and playing with model trains. The most shocking truth is that his feet aren't really that big, at least not for his size. They are just normal feet, but that doesn't make much of a nickname.

Average-size Foot. That doesn't exactly instill terror, does it? How about Huge Foot? I'm just thinking out loud here so bear with me, no pun intended.

This may be the best movie about Bigfoot that you will see this month, but there's still more than a week left so this accolade may not stand up.

4 / 10

An honest review of Hoax

The couple rave reviews are obviously fake, but the movie is not complete garbage or unwatchable by any means.

The acting is about average but adequate. The cinematography and sound design, while not great, are serviceable and do nothing to add or detract from the experience. The gory practical effects are actually decent, but the bigfoot itself (which is rarely seen) is pretty shotty.

The characters are blatantly stereotypical with the corporate shill, self centered journalist, ex-marine badass, the smoking hippie, and the good-natured scientist who's only there for the much needed money.

The story itself starts out very cliche, kind of like 'Anaconda' but with a bigfoot. The first three quarters of the film feels very much like this, but the story takes a strange turn at that point and it becomes something different entirely. I give them props for trying something a little different here, but doesn't quite feel like it's part of the same movie and very out of place.

Overall, it is watchable but kind of loses itself at the end. It's not going to win any awards and is fairly forgettable, but if you want to turn your mind off for a little bit, you could definitely do much worse. 4.5/10

1 / 10


Do not waste your time with this garbage, It's hard even to watch a trailer let alone watch the whole movie.

5 / 10

scream if you see it

Its a film of superb scenic views, a complete ensemble of b-cathegory actors, and an immense feeling hunting the bigfoot in a studio. the screenplay, and the development of the caracters are not complete and the idea of making a bigfoot film has not been advanced.

the actors does not act with an aura and all of the are ego personalities, just as it use to be in the horror mystery genre wher the hunter is getting hunted. also there are so many initiative that runs deep in the sand, and makes much of this film incomplete and inconclusive.

the grumpy old man can recommend, but if you are offered a bed session afterwards, well do that first and see the film in postclimaxisk dizzyness afterwards

9 / 10

Enjoyable if somewhat flawed Bigfoot effort

Following the disappearance of several hikers, an executive looking into the group's whereabouts hires a primate specialist to join his team to trek into the wilderness believing that Bigfoot has taken them, only to discover that the legendary creature is now hunting them one-by-one.

Overall, this one was quite an enjoyable Bigfoot film. One of the strongest features here is the expected ferocity that arises during the film's encounters with the creature. These are generally quite fun and chilling with the initial attack on the hikers serving as a fine series of ambushes on everyone. Out in the woods with the rest of the crew, the ramping up of the brutality towards the group which makes this one incredibly enjoyable with the first ambush on the lone girl that draws everyone's attention while everyone else is scattered throughout the campsite and sets up the fine series of encounters that are featured throughout the finale where the creature is shown chasing them through the woods creating some tense encounters here. Given that these are still accomplished with practical effects while keeping the creature off-screen for large portions of time, there's a lot to like with this aspect of the film. As well, there's also an enjoyable setup that arises throughout the first half as this starting point serves a lot to like. With the whole plot being based on the search for the missing hikers and the team coming together to find them, there are some rather enjoyable aspects to be had with the crew setting up their respective skills and preparing for their mission. Dedicated to not only bring them back alive but capturing an image of the creature as well, there's some fun to be had with the film following professionals doing their job in this situation. Building off of that in a fine matter is the later scenes where they're becoming aware that something's out in the woods with them as the evidence, the slowly-dawning realization of something in the woods with them is a highly enjoyable effort. Together with the practical effects used for the Bigfoot creature, these here are what hold the film up over it's few minor flaws. Among the film's few problematic areas is a rather disappointing middle section that spends far too much time in useless subplots to detail much in the way of Bigfoot encounters. Rather than bring in more attacks by the creature on the group who are now fully aware of its existence, the fact that this is mostly dropped for the backstory on most of the characters that should've happened earlier in the running time as this ends up taking time away from the Bigfoot encounters. Likewise, there's very little need for the final twist here that turns what could've been a fun genre effort into something else entirely through a cliched revelation that undoes everything the film had built up before for no reason other than to have a change that was unexpected from the start of the film. Otherwise, there isn't much to dislike here.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Brief Nudity, a brief sex scene and implied violence-against-animals.