His Name Is John (\N)

Jim Constable, Daniel Duca, Mary Cate Williams, Elisa Duca,
Her Name Was Jo is a movie starring Jim Constable, Daniel Duca, and Elisa Duca. Ten year old Jo spends her days along the Shenandoah River with her best friend Selma, fishing, scrapping for metal-surviving. But when her abusive...
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9 / 10

A candle in the night of out world

A rare jewel in the tornado of super hero movies. The journey of Jo is not just the search for her biological father. It is far more a joint journey for the spectators with Jo as she coldly penetrates the world of adults with her only friend Selma. While the movie can be summarized in a few sentences, the emotional attachment we develop for Jo and her friend grows enormously up to the end. Heartbreaking with very dim lights of hope. Mary Cate Williams delivers a sensational performance, supported by the touching help from Eliza Duca. A movie to watch with your heart.