Hippo King (2022)

Russell Boulter,
Follow the life of an old hippo, a king of its kind, and discover the true character of one of Earth's largest land mammals.
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  • Alan Miller, Writer:
  • Lianne Steenkamp, Will Steenkamp, Director:
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7 / 10

Hippo King

This is a beautifully filmed documentary, with great drone vistas, stunning close-ups, and puzzlingly drawn out slow motion takes. However, it completely lacks informational narrative. A made-up tale of an individual hippo followed through a span of 35 years would be OK if there was some factual content and information about hippos to bolster the story. Sanitized completely, (no mention of the drool or flying feces integral to posturing before a fight between bull hippos) and relying heavily upon anthropomorphic hype, this program serves to show how excellent the 2003 program Hippo Beach is in comparison.

While the experience of watching this program is enjoyable, don't expect to learn much about the physiology of or explanations behind hippo behavior.