Her Name Was Lisa (1979)

Vanessa del Rio, Samantha Fox, Bobby Astyr, Robin Byrd, Barbara Daniels, Ron Hudd, Rick Iverson, David Pierce,
Her Name Was Lisa is a movie starring Vanessa del Rio, Samantha Fox, and Bobby Astyr. Shown in flashbacks by those who now show remorse at her at her funeral, a photographer invites a prostitute to pose for him. They sleep once and...
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6 / 10

excellent storyline

The cinema history is full of directors using an alias to make some smut. Or to protect themselves for being in the porn industry. The name Richard Mahler maybe doesn't ring a bell but when I say that his real name is Roger Watkins then I guess that those horror buffs will be moved. yes, the director of a cult classic "The Last House On Dead End Street" that he made under the alias Victor Janos.

Watkins only directed 8 porn films between 1979 and 1980. The time that the porn industry was at his best. It's all a bit strange because he hated the industry and wanted to make porn without f***ing, naturally that doesn't work and he was rejected from the non porn industry so he had to bring some money in and wrote those 8 flicks that became classics. The most famous were Midnight Heat and Corruption both with Jamie Gillis. Still he shot the close-ups and hardcore in his own films realizing he imbedded on freaky people and weird situations.

Her Name Was Lisa was his first attempt and appeared in 1979 in the NYC grindhouses. Of course made back then it really had a story and this here isn't your usual porn flick. It follows the life of massage girl Lisa who's being discovered by a photographer. But he has no money and Lisa is sponsored by a promoter. She gets involved in the promoter's sex life but things go wrong when friends of him rapes her while he's watching. She slips in a bizarre world of kinky sex and drugs. It's all shown in a special way. When she's drugged the camera uses extreme close-ups with special lenses and the sound of voices is pitched down while we here if I'm not wrong a Led Zeppelin song. It was a very heavy flick to watch and due that reason the films he made afterwards were lighter.

The porn itself is filmed with extremely close-ups of butt licking and pussy shots. Still it's the story that kept you watching. They all had an acting ability. Just watch Samantha Fox (Lisa) how her face changes from a role model towards a junkie.

The weird thing is that IMDb says it clocks in at 67 minutes, other say 70 minutes. Mine clocked in at 89 minutes. I don't know if I have a really uncut version. I must say that the scene when she's under heroin and is having triple sex goes on and on. Mine was a VHS version, I do know it's available on DVD at 70 minutes.

Still, those XXX flicks from the seventies do show how girls do look in real life. They do have curves and aren't living skeletons like nowadays. They act normal at work and do not fake groaning and moaning like it's done today. They did have a storyline and had good tunes in it (here we even have Kraftwerk in it). Maybe they were a bit hairy back then but they looked real with B-cup juggs and not those blown fake plastic dolls like nowadays. Yes, I like the old stuff, still, they are so hard to find...

8 / 10

A well written and directed x-rated film!

I finally got a chance to enjoy this film on DVD.I was too young to get into a porno theater in 1979 but knew about it from the newspaper ads in the mainstream newspapers.Yes, that's right,the late 70's was the beginning of the golden age of porn and the filmmakers for the most part really tried to make a film with a story and they were shot on 35mm film.The actor's and actresses's were not the buffed model perfect specimens one sees in today's releases, but most had some acting ability and your intelligence wasn't insulted with dull clinical-closeup sex scenes and no plot whatsoever.

Anyway,the film stars Samantha Fox who plays a prostitute who moves up in the world by becoming the sex slave to various people in the sex industry.The sex scenes are for the most part erotic but in a in a almost sleazy documentary way.Nothing like the polished sanitary sex scenes in DVD productions today.But what makes Her Name Was Lisa superior is that there is a real story there.Worth purchasing for your collection.

7 / 10

Better than most "adult" films

It's one adult film I think my partner and I would actually want to own. Revenge is sweet for sure. I didn't mind the strap-ons either, I thought they were a nice kinky touch. The plot really works in this genre too. See it with some you either love or hate. You'll figure it out after you see the end.