Hell's Kitty (2018)

Michael Berryman, Creep Creepersin, Victoria De Mare, Elissa Dowling, Augie Duke, John Franklin, Courtney Gains,
Hell's Kitty is a movie starring Adrienne Barbeau, Michael Berryman, and Creep Creepersin. Hell's Kitty is a comedy horror series based on the true life events of Nick, a Hollywood writer, and Angel, his possessed and very...
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3 / 10

Who's a bad kitty? Who's a possessed kitty?...

Granted, I wasn't familiar with "Hell's Kitty" in any format, TV series or whatever other formats that there might be with this devilish feline. But still, I stumbled upon this 2018 movie and decided to give it a go, because the poster/cover and synopsis seemed interesting.

This was a swing and a miss. Wow, are you serious? I don't even know what to think or where to begin. There was just so many things wrong here.

But wait, it wasn't all bad. The movie did have some moments, not many, but it did have them.

The storyline was just unappealing to me, although I managed to stick with it to the very end. But I can in all honesty say that I have no intention of sniffing out a copy of the series to give that a watch after having seen this ordeal of a movie.

The good parts of "Hell's Kitty" was the possessed cat and some of the scenes that involved the cat. But aside from that, then then storyline was just a scrambled confusing mess that made very little coherent sense. And the characters in the movie were one-dimensional cardboard cut outs - they had no personalities, traits or distinctive features that would make them stand out as memorable characters on the screen. And on that account, then you don't really invest anything in the characters and you do not do more than shrug when they are killed or driven away by the cat.

The best part of the movie was actually the impressive names that they god to make appearances in the movie. Sure, don't expect multi-million dollar paid acting performances. But if you are a fan of the underground movies and the straight-to-DVD movies, then you will definitely see some familiar faces here. Most noteworthy are Courtney Gains, Doug Jones, Bill Oberst Jr., John Franklin and of course Michael Berryman.

The movie is, and that is a wonderful thing, full of references to other horror movie, some sublime and so directly-in-your-face. I enjoyed that, and it was actually uplifting for the movie that they had those references.

For a 2018 horror comedy then "Hell's Kitty" left no permanent claw marks, and it is not a movie that I will be returning to a second time.

10 / 10

Awesome little movie

What a cool little kitten...

...and a cool movie as well. Filmed on a very small budget with cast also working as crew, this is a gem - one that sadly many big budget films will never be able to match.

Funny dialog, obvious poorly done effects and a story which is absurd, but makes sense in it's entire construct.

I thought this film, performances - though not award winning, and the songs were very well created.

The cat - Angel is an amazing performer and should be well on her way to becoming a superstar feline in Hollywood.

I hope she claws her way to the top - and lands on her feet.

Good job guys.

I look forward to a second story...maybe one about a litter.

8 / 10

Fun Fun Movie

With a cast like that, just sit back and enjoy the show! Lots of fun, lots of good practical effects!!! Anything with Kelli Maroney and Chanel Ryan is worth the price of admission!!

2 / 10

If you like Horror Comedies aimed to those who love women.

The premise was simple and "a priori" funny, a killer cat. The result is not that satisfactory, mainly because you expect something over-the-top funny and absurd and you just find a regular cat, apparently, attacking people. Do not expect something like the rabbit on Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)-at least until I stopped watching.

I had to stopped watching because I was sweating to stay focus to the plot full of, beside all aforementioned, heterosexual intercourse and women breast. Technically speaking it is not bad, it has its qualities but the main thing about a Horror Comedy is being funny, this one do not accomplish neither genres.

If you want to laugh you must see the short "Cat-astrophee" on Trashsploitation (2018), way hilarious than this boring movie.