Heirlooms (\N)

Dana Delany, Luke Wilson, Spencer Garrett, James Paxton,
A middle-aged house cleaner gets caught up in a violent crime after being hired to locate a client's estranged son.
  • 5.2 /10.0 IMDB Rating:
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  • 2018-09-07 Added:
  • King Orba, Writer:
  • Erin Elders, Director:
  • John Bosher, Chris Charles, Faust Checho, Nicholas Dunlevy, Producer:


8 / 10

if you need...

Something to watch at a laid out night, then ''the cleaner'' will be on top of my advice list. Its a mum and son story from the lesser middleclass trailer park neighbourhood somewhere in L. A usa.

Making a living as a housecleaner, people come up to him and asks for other favours too, and this is what the film is all about. It starts in situ, then rolls back and reveals a story so simplebut engaging that you will dash in whether you will or not.

Cast consists of many fallen but not yet forgotten acting stars of hollywood, shelly long of cheers couldnt hide cause her voice are a brandmark and king orba does an orson welles like performance as the cleaner.

Its a story of loveand hate, violence and death, and a heart filled with hope till the bitter end. It aint a bloody shootout movie, its more a search and rescue story that you wont regret taking a part in.

The production is solid as a rock, low budget butmade in a warm glow that only a few of todays filmographers can make. Plot and storyline good, playtime perfect, so the grumpy old man recommends.

1 / 10

Like Watching Paint Dry

Ever wonder what washed up actors do for a living, just watch this and wonder no more. The dialogue was so bland and banal, it even made the mystery boring. The whole movie was a snooze fest. This is the director's first full length film and it shows. And King Orba? Really? What's in a name, in this case nothing. With a net worth of 3 million it's painfully obvious! The writing was horrible. I have had more enjoyment hiding under my bed eating a carrot. If you really enjoy watching paint dry, then this movie is for you. Otherwise, do what I did, turn it off and enjoy a good book.

10 / 10

One of Best Films of the Year

Well scripted and cast with a great story !

I recommend highly and enjoyed the film from beginning to end which is difficult these daysCongrats to the Director for establishing the right mix and camera shots.

The character development and plot were well laid out.

It was nice to see Actors from the past and see how great they are still to this day !

1 / 10

Impossibly slow, you will wear out your ffw button

From the opening scene until the end it moves like a wine stain on the carpet. Filled with scenes that don't really amount to much, it's a patchwork of storytelling. Somehow the director feels that if he pieces enough of these pointless scenes together that they provide background and depth. They do not.

Not much happens, even at 4x speed, until the final ten minutes and then a few scenes after that. Could have been shortened to just the ending and that's the jist of this whole mess.

Can't recommend it to anyone, not one likeable scene or amusing aspect to the film, not one redeeming interaction between the characters.

4 / 10

Well, its not terrible

It doesn't really weork as film, tale, or entertainment piece. There really just isn't enough going on, and the life of a cleaner looking for a strange woman's son does not a story make, even if there are a palette of small details tacked on to add some depth and breath.

Its a very low key story with most of the characters having little or nothing to add to the proceedings. I'm not even sure why the films is called the cleaner since he never actually does any cleaning, and aside from the opening scene, there isn't any reference to it, nor does it have any baring on the screenplay.

The performances are actually quite good and the characters do well with the roles they are given. In fact, I'd not say the film is bad, or even uninteresting, just that there isn't enough going on to flesh out a film, and the frequent periods where the screenplay creeps along at a snails pace make watching little more than a chore.

Truthfully, it's not that bad, but its lacking in some essential elements to make it interesting enough to watch. The unfortnate thing is that basically it is a good story and had a little more time and effort been spent to add some dimension, I think it could have been at least, a decent film.

Ok, I can't reccomend it, and were it not for the suspect 10/10 reviews listed here, I'd not have bothered in the first place. I think 4 is a fair score, 5 at a stretch on a generous day.