Heal for Free (2014)

If you are an Earthling, this film has an important and uplifting message for YOU. Featuring Apollo Astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Canadian Broadcaster, Dr. David Suzuki, Internet Health Guru, Dr. Joseph Mercola, the film informs us
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10 / 10

This documentary is FOR REAL: The Proof is in the Pudding

I have used a grounding pad (in full disclosure) for eleven months now and have a background in power generation. As a 52D, Power Generation Repair Specialist, I also collaborated with Boatwright Maintenance Facility, Ft. Knox, KY from 1987-1989. This requires above-average technical skills for troubleshooting equipment. I state these facts for the healthy skeptic concerned with the science involved in the claims made in this documentary. Heal For Free!

I will not go into the Nikken story; however, this was not my first attempt at trying to heal myself (Gulf War Syndrome among other things) by using electromagnetic technologies. Nor will I go into my findings on pyramid shapes, and energy only suffices it to say I believe in the scientific method to produce results.

With that said, the practice of making regular skin contact with the Earth, like taking barefoot walks on the beach or on the grass? or better yet? swimming in natural bodies of water, have been clinically shown to help heal chronic inflammatory diseases in 95% of all cases.

And this is only one aspect to consider?

Director/writer Steve Kroschel, and producer Alexandra Bruce, present a marvelous documentary. You will not be disappointed in this film that visually portrays an inspiring message for all of us!

The film informs us about the little-known fact that the Earth's surface emits a constant stream of electrons, which neutralize the disease-causing free radicals in our bodies. Nature Deficit Disorder is a recently identified syndrome of chronic, inflammatory conditions, which manifest in an array of body aches and fatigue, non- restorative sleep and a poor immune system, among other complaints, all of which are caused by staying inside all day and wearing shoes at virtually all times thus, depriving people from from the naturally-healing electrons, which constantly flow from the surface of the Earth.

Apollo Astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Canadian Environmental Scientist and well-known Broadcaster, Dr. David Suzuki, Internet Health Guru, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Bestselling Authors of the book, 'Earthing,' Clint Ober and Dr. Stephen Sinatra, his healed son, Step Sinatra, the film's creator, Steve Kroschel and the lovely Laura Koniver, M.D. all validate this ancient wisdom and new theory about Nature Deficit Disorder.


10 / 10

I want to watch this

How do I watch thisDoes can someone upload this onto YouTube please

10 / 10

Worth every minute!

I was somewhat curious about this film at first and so I watched it because I think we are all interested in being healthy. Everything that was revealed in the film makes total sense. I am surprised that no one thought of this before because it really fits in with the balance of nature.

As a child, I never wore shoes. I went barefoot everywhere and guess what? I never got sick either. As I got older, I started wearing shoes and rarely got into the dirt as most of us do when we mature. Had I known all about what this film tries to inculcate into people when I started wearing shoes, I would have kept them off. The earth truly does supply the human body with its own kind of remedies.

This film is mind boggling. I highly recommend that everyone watch this with an open mind.

10 / 10

Going Back, Moving Forward

This documentary is confirmation of what I've come to believe. We were originally all connected to the Earth, not in some mystical, ethereal or magical way, but by being a natural part of it.

In the last hundred years or so, we've lost that connection and have suffered for it. I'm glad we're finding our way back.

This documentary not only gives many personal anecdotes for support but reproducible scientific evidence that, unfortunately, because of the witnesses who produced it, goes ignored and even attacked by the "status quo" academia.

It's worth a look and should be seriously considered.

10 / 10

heal for Free

The way the information is presented in this documentary is very simple and straightforward. This is great because it makes the whole concept easy for people to grasp. The fact that there is scientific proof visibly showing physical improvements in a person's body takes it out of the realm of "well maybe this works. here is the proof that it does.

The photography is absolutely stunning. Alaska is portrayed very beautifully.

I have been using earthing products when in my car, when using my computer and at night when I sleep. I feel like I cannot live without being actively connected to the earth. It is a lifesaver to be earthed. Blessings Nikki