Hannibal Hopkins & Sir Anthony (2021)

Hopkins' career has spanned several decades, which is why we will also use many interviews that he gave throughout his life, allowing us to put him back into the context of each period and will be helpful in understanding his role...
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7 / 10

Not bad but could have been much better

It is nice to see a little of the career of great actor Anthony Hopkins and to know a little (very little, indeed!) of his life prior stardom in Hollywood. However, the documentary is not engaging, and its parts seem a little disconnected. At least there are some good stories, andnit is nice to see the films' backgrounds. The documentary does not explore it deeply, but there are several very psychological testimonies by Hopkins too. I was surprised how he disdains kost of the films he acted in as bad ones.

5 / 10


Anthony Hopkins is one of my favorite top 5 actors and he never disappoints even in his movies that are turkeys. This documentary is more like bits and pieces of past interviews spliced together to tell you what makes Hopkins tick. I wish they would have interviewed actors and directors he has worked with for a more rounded story about him since he seems to have a love-hate relationship with most of the movies he has been in.