Hailey Dean Mysteries: A Prescription for Murder (2019)

Kellie Martin, Viv Leacock, Matthew MacCaull, Caitlin Stryker,
Hailey, ex DA's prosecutor now therapist, helps the police when the CEO of a hospital dies while a patient and Hailey's coroner boyfriend finds she's been poisoned.
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  • Nancy Grace, Michelle Ricci, Writer:
  • Allan Harmon, Director:
  • Christian Bruyère, Producer:


6 / 10

Angel of Death

It's a fact of life that occasionally life ends in a hospital, but too many are happening in one particular hospital in Atlanta. When the head of the placetakes sick and dies and she's a friend of Hailey Dean, you know Kelli Martin willbe investigating.

So Hailey Dean and her sidekick Fincher are looking into a whole lot of strangedeaths in said hospital and they conclude there's someone acting as an angel ofdeath putting sick folks out of their misery.

The solution, well all I'll say is that behind every successful man is a good woman or a psychotic one. Take your choice.

Nicely done story.

6 / 10

Hailey Dean Mysteries: A Prescription for Murder

6/10 - not nearly as captivating as its predecessors and I'm not really enjoying Lauren Holly's character

1 / 10

Would have rated it a 7

I would have rated this episode of seven, but I'm rating in a one because of the incessant, constant, non-stop appearances of Nancy Grace in different roles in these episodes...I know that Nancy Grace is a narcissist and an egomaniac and I know that she is the author of The Hailey Dean Mysteries. But she is so unlikable, hard on the eyes, hard on the nerves ....arrogant, rude and unfunny in her little segments that she sticks yourself in I don't know if she thinks this is cute like Alfred Hitchcock stuff where he would appear for a few seconds in each movie, sometimes just for two or three seconds, but this woman is on screen 3and 4 minutes at a time, which I'm sure is part of a contract with Hallmark... she is such a turn off, my wife and I can't stand it when she comes on the set. enough is enough!!