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Josh Hartnett, Jim Gaffigan, Stephen McHattie, Don McKellar,
Target Number One is a movie starring Amanda Crew, Josh Hartnett, and Stephen McHattie. In 1989, a Canadian journalist investigates the circumstances surrounding the suspicious arrest of a heroin addict imprisoned in a Thai jail.
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  • Daniel Roby, Director:
  • Valérie d'Auteuil, André Rouleau, Producer:

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7 / 10

An engaging and frustrating film.

"Target Number One" is a well directed, well acted and compelling Canadian film that everyone should see..In this drama based on a true story, a Canadian journalist investigates the circumstances surrounding the suspicious arrest of a heroin addict imprisoned in a Thai jail..Well crafted and unafraid of telling the true story; "Target Number One" dives deep into a frustratingly un-Canadian crime story and really delivers. This is the first Canadian film to be released since Covid-19 hit and it truly is a really good film to kick it off. Josh Hartnett gives probably the performance of his career and Antoine Olivier Pilon is exceptional. The film is never boring nor does it lag, it's the perfect length and pace and I really enjoyed it..

7 / 10

I Tonya

This movie is like new version of "I Tonya" in I Tonya the movie showed the whole world as evil so they present the real time villain as if she is a good person or a this movie a convicted drug dealer is hero, so his family, friend, Canadian police, Thailand police and literally everyone around this dude is that makes sense?if yes, you gonna love this movie

8 / 10

Underrated film!

May not have the grip of a massive Hollywood thriller but it isn't far off. Engaging and well worth a watch. A solid 8 out 10.

5 / 10

confusing, and hard to know what to believe

Its supposedly made over a true story , where names and plot are changed to such a degree that it feels like fiction. the story goes back and forth between canada and thailand, where everybody, even the copper seems to be snorting their own deals undercover. the little but noteworthy important timeline info that are usually used to tell the viewer where and when things happen are totally missed out. that is a cathastropic failiure even in quasi biographical movies.

the journalist thing was the only part of the show i could hardly find the true purpose of, for the rest its just a tuktuk thai french froglike canadian english heroin blur, made on a undynamic and low budget. the actors does not impress much on a plot and story directed in a way i cant comply with

the grumpy old man gives no more than a max of 5 for this show, have seen a few worse and a whole lot of far better flicks than this. just a weak recommend

7 / 10

Absolute Garbled Junk & MANY False Good Reviews

Amazing that all the positive reviews were msde either1 day before release or a day after. Within 8 mins I gave up as the music was so loud it completely blocked out what the actos were saying.Movies usually never work out well when the writer also directs them. This was the case for this one