Gumrah (1993)

Sanjay Dutt, Sridevi, Anupam Kher, Rahul Roy,
Gumrah is a movie starring Sanjay Dutt, Sridevi, and Anupam Kher. Roshni Chadha is the only child of Sharda Chhadha, and has no knowledge of the whereabouts of her absconding dad, Prakash Chhadha. Roshni is introduced to Rahul...
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  • Robin Bhatt, Sujit Sen, Writer:
  • Mahesh Bhatt, Director:
  • Yash Johar, Producer:

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8 / 10

Bankok Hilton

This Bhatt movie is like most Bhatt movies a remake of an foreign film. In this case a remake of the Australian Nicole Kidman mini series BANKOK HILTON with Sridevi in Nicole Kidman's role. The story is about a girl (Sridevi) who wants to go to another country to fins her father (Anupam Kher). when she leaves her boyfriend (Rahul Roy) puts drugs in her baggage and she gets caught and sent to jail. A local goon then tries to save her (Sanjay Dutt) along with her father who at first denied having a daughter. When the movie was planned Rahul Roy was to star in a negative role (he was a hero at the time) much publicity was given to that and Sanjay Dutt was to appear in a 15 minute special appearance. When the movie finally releases Rahul Roy had no career, his mentor Mahesh Bhatt who launched him in Aashiqui had edited his role to a 15 minute role and Sanjay Dutt (who had become very hot) his role was stretched to the main role as was done with Amitabh Bachchan in Insaaniyat (but that is another story).

7 / 10

Drugs, romance and action, a thrilling joyride!

Gumrah is one of those films that start off slow, but soon gain a rapid pace. The best way to describe would be the word 'unpredictable', as what starts as a normal drama, ends up being a crime thriller.

Now, coming to the performances, Sridevi is the light of the show! The character she plays, does total justice to this talented expressive actress, specially when we witness her transformation from this jolly naive girl to the combative chick!

Supporting her, are a group of very talented cast including Anupam Kher and Sanjay Duty, who lend great support. however it is Rahul Roy, who will surprise you in a brief yet effective role.

Speaking of the music, most songs are fabulously executed and are honey to the ears.

Overall, the film is a great joy ride, though sometimes dragging, it nevertheless entertains to you unbiasedly.

My rating would be 9 out of 10.