Greyhound (2019)

Tom Hanks, Elisabeth Shue, Stephen Graham, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo,
Greyhound is a movie starring Tom Hanks, Stephen Graham, and Elisabeth Shue. Early in World War II, an inexperienced U.S. Navy captain must lead an Allied convoy being stalked by Nazi U-boat wolfpacks.
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  • C.S. Forester, Writer:
  • Aaron Schneider, Director:
  • Gary Goetzman, Producer:


9 / 10

Deja-vu for a 92 year old destroyer officer!

I served on a destroyer during the Korean War. This movie really captured the excitement of being on the bridge during convoy duty.

5 / 10

Missed potential

If you have no attraction to military procedure then this film has no selling points.No backstory or character development. Tedious action and boring dialogue.

Back story is no longer then a couple minuets of naval captain leaving lover to go to war.The rest of the movie is just naval commands I wish I was joking but this film is 80 minuets of rudder left rudder right and sonar positions.

Only positive is the film look amazing the visual departments knocked it out of the park.

Music was disappointing just generic tension music.

This film had potential to be so much better. But the simple fact is there is no major story yet it's some how stretched out over 80 minuets of boring.

7 / 10

Entertaining movie without over doing it

Spectacle? Dramatization? No. This movie allowed me to experience ww2 naval combat without the bombast of the usual action movie. It felt realistic with a decent amount of suspense, a glimpse through the eyes of the captain.

3 / 10

Dull Thud...

One of my most anticipated 2020 films lands with a dull thud. Excluding credits, this movie is 78 minutes long... and 75 of those minutes are spent listening to Hanks scream orders like, "Left Full Rudder! Bearing Two Niner Zero! Hard to Starboard!" There is zero character development... and Elisabeth Shue (who gets second billing) has exactly 15 seconds of screen-time. What a disappointment.

6 / 10

Technically right but ... something missing

Though the movie might have been right on technical terms , it somehow did not unleash the potential it had

I felt the movie could have been longer with a better depiction of the enemy to understand the details on strategy better

The climax (if any) was not up to the mark

U571 and Das Boot had done a better job long time ago

However in these time of pandamic with nothing new in the offering; this is worth a watch