Grand Canyonscope (1954)

Clarence Nash, Bill Thompson,
Grand Canyonscope is a short starring Clarence Nash and Bill Thompson. Ranger Woodlore is interpreting Grand Canyon for the tourists; Donald is of course making more trouble than everyone else put together.
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  • Milt Schaffer, Nick George, Writer:
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8 / 10

"Spread out....this is Cinemascope"

Ranger Woodlore stars in this of the only shorts I can remember that also doesn't star Humphrey the Bear. In this one, his nemesis is Donald Duck and Donald is simply AWFUL...but funny.

The story is set in a national park a lot like the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon combined. As the Ranger tries to conduct a tour, Donald keeps doing the most awful things which could destroy the natural beauty of the place. Sadly, when I visited the Grand Canyon and Bryce I actually saw many folks doing similar stuff--such as climbing over barriers to get 'the perfect shot'! In the end, Donald and a mountain lion end up destroying everything!

While the art style is very 50s and was thereby simple and a shadow of the great shorts by Disney of the 30s and 40s, this IS fun...which is most important. I also like how this first Cinemascope cartoon by Disney makes fun of itself. Well worth seeing despite the subpar art style.

7 / 10

A Woodlore and Donald short without Humphrey and in Cinemascope

Donald Duck and Disney are always entertaining, and while Grand Canyonscope is not as grand as it could've been(my view of course) it is entertaining at least. The middle of the short does drag for my tastes with the pace sagging and the gags fewer and not as funny, and while Donald is still a charismatic character with some amusing moments his personality isn't really played to its strengths, mainly because the story is quite routine and thin on the ground. I also agree that Grand Canyonscope has the kind of humour that is more suited to Goofy. However Grand Canyonscope is not bad, far from it. The animation is bright and colourful and the Cinemascope excellent. The music is jaunty and beautifully orchestrated, merging wonderfully also with every expression and gag. The gags are well timed generally and funny, the beginning and end working better than the middle. Woodlore is a dynamic and fun character, I did like that he had more of a focus, I just wished that Donald was used stronger. Grand Canyonscope is interesting for that it is a Woodlore and Donald short that doesn't feature Humphrey, which people will consider either a blessing or like a cake missing an ingredient. The mountain lion is a good replacement and works well with the other two. Clarence Nash and Bill Thompson are both great, not much of a surprise they always are. In conclusion, interesting short if not quite one of my favourites. 7/10 Bethany Cox

7 / 10

Donald the Insufferable Tourist

Donald Duck never has followed orders and this is no exception. He is part of a tour group, and despite warnings, he manages to constantly disobey, causing havoc on the great canyon. It is certainly well done and colorful, showing Mr. Duck to be about as destructive as one can be.

7 / 10

Some funny, slapstick humor at the Canyon.

Ranger J. Audubon Woodlore takes Donald Duck and others people on a tour of the Grand Canyon - displayed here in wonderful, detailed animation. While the ranger is busy giving the tourists a run-down of the canyon, Donald does his share of being a little too overzealous in his trip, bothering Native sand painters, doing a rain dance outfit and arguing with his own echo. Pretty hilarious!

What results next is Donald and the Ranger stumble upon a mountain lion, who chases them around the landmark, resulting in funny slapstick humor and ultimately reducing the attraction to a pile of rubble. Some excitement and action in this cartoon short - not a bad one.

Grade B-

6 / 10

Donald Duck, Walking Disaster?

Donald Duck is a tourist visiting the Grand Canyon who gives the tour's guide fits due to his continuous shenanigans including an encounter with an ill-tempered old lion.

This cartoon short is diverting enough in its goofy slapstick fashion only really I wonder if it really needed Donald Duck as its lead at all. In fact, this one seems better suited to Goofy himself to me as really there's no point here where we see Donald Duck's temper rise, which is usually said character's most entertaining aspect. Honestly most any character could have probably fit into the role which makes one wonder if they just didn't pick a popular character's name out of an hat to use for this one.