Grace and Grit (2019)

Frances Fisher, Kandyse McClure, Diane Salinger,
Grace and Grit is a movie starring Mena Suvari, Frances Fisher, and Nick Stahl. Treya and Ken Wilber's story of courage, transcendence, and eternal love as chronicled in the globally acclaimed book, Grace and Grit.
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  • Sebastian Siegel, Ken Wilber, Writer:
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9 / 10

'Grace and Grit'...A Love Story

Grace and Grit is a love story which invites the audience to see what is possible when two people turn in towards love. One might feel that Ken and Treya's story is unimaginable.

How could two individuals commit so deeply to each other? Being, this movie is based on a true story, I personally became riveted by their love. I was captivated by how they faced adversity, life+death and deepened their understanding of what love and existence is (was) about.

Sebastian Siegel, Director and Writer, accomplished the unimaginable...he successfully transcended their story and the book into a movie. Each can stand on their own and are a compliment to one and another. In addition, the acting, the cinematography, set design, editing, special effects and sound design encapsulated the 'Grace and Grit'.

Furthermore, this is a healing film for those who have walked a similar path as Ken and Treya did. It brings comfort, compassion, love and clear understanding of how love can strengthen everything. Even in the least likely of situations.

Bravo to all whom worked on this film.

Sebastian, "Thank you for being in service to love."A must see...

10 / 10

A truly compelling love story, heart warming; yet masterfully cerebral

Stunning, arresting, emotionally poetic, and serenely inspiring! Mena plunges herself deeply into the character of Treya. Her passionate portrayal is matched with the cool calmness of Stewart's Ken. Together their on-screen synergy as Ken and Treya redivivus creates a truly compelling love story, heart warming; yet masterfully cerebral.

10 / 10

Emotional rollercoaster night filled with love and pain

This movie is filled with such passion about love and pain. Life is life!! After watching this movie with my wife I was able to appreciate life with her that much more. It goes to show how lucky we are to be with someone that you can share this life with. Ya, there will be road bumps ahead but its normal. At the end of the day it makes you a bit more humble towards your significant other. Great directing by Sebastian and his team! Great work!!

10 / 10

A Powerful and Breathtaking film!!

I've read the book Grace and Grit few years ago and it is based on a true story. I couldn't have imagined this beautiful love story told any other way. Sebastian Siegel writer and director, takes you on this incredible transcendent journey where not lot of filmmakers dare to go. It's a powerful and compelling story with beautiful storytelling all around. It left me feeling so many different emotions at the same time. I absolutely recommend this film.

10 / 10


Sebastians directing alongside the actors performance aloud me to be invested even more. It really is movies like these that inspire and reinvigorate our own artistry and Love for Life. I appreciate this service to humanity and I am excited for more to come.