Governance - Tutto ha un prezzo (2020)

Vinicio Marchioni, Maria Cristina Heller, Massimo Popolizio, Claudio Spadaro, Sarah Denys,
Governance is a movie starring Maria Cristina Heller, Viviana Altieri, and Marial Bajma-Riva. Governance is all about the power of evil and how hard it is for justice to triumph when big money is at stake.
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  • Giampaolo Rugo, Heidrun Schleef, Writer:
  • Michael Zampino, Director:
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8 / 10

One of the most formidable villain in modern thrillers...

"Governance" is the portrait of Renzo Petrucci, a rich, powerful and connected top manager, Coo of a major oil and gas company. Its destiny takes shape like in a cruel fairy tale. Morally ambiguous, ruthless yet loyal, Massimo Popolizio, who plays the role of Renzo, manages to make a character we really should not like, somehow likable. To me, he is one of the most formidable villain in modern thrillers. An outstanding performance!

10 / 10

Top movie

Super action movie, lots of suspence and great actors!

Loved the production!

Must see !

9 / 10

Highly recommended

I liked it a lot,very good film and outstanding actors!

10 / 10

Nervous drama thriller

Nervous drama thriller 'Governance explores one of the "hidden realities" of the oil industry: the linkages between politics and business And it's all anchored by a great performance from Massimo Popolizio who stars as Royal's general manager Renzo Petrucci, a pragmatist and an intriguer. When Renzo is forced to leave his job after corruption charges, he decides to take revenge but things get out of hand..... The film captures the unique power of corruption and beautifully investigates the psychological basis for evil. Worth the time!

8 / 10

Good film

Interesting business thriller with good twists..Good director.