Gooische vrouwen (2011)

Linda de Mol, Susan Visser, Tjitske Reidinga, Lies Visschedijk,
As Cheryl's husband continues to ogle other women and Claire's daughter and grandson leave, the ladies decide that they deserve a trip to Paris.
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  • Frank Houtappels, Writer:
  • Will Koopman, Director:
  • John de Mol, Producer:

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10 / 10

Hilarious sitcom of ladies in the posh landscape

In every woman you will find something of these gorgeous Dutch "Gooische" ladies which are presented by great actresses. I laughed my hart out and was sometimes a bit ashamed, Please tell me this isn't me? Hahaha. Sometimes the sitcom touches serious problems. Sometimes it"s just all over the top. If you would like to know something about the ordinary Dutch culture nowadays this sitcom will give you a little inside in the Dutch ladies brain. The environment is the posh part of the Netherlands where a bit more famous people live, but also the air-pilots and cosmetic surgeons. Every Dutch person will recognize the area and the type of people. It was a big hit when it was on television. Just a lovely relaxed Dutch sitcom for great rainy Sundays.