Going Om (2021)

In the beginning, there was sound. It has been used throughout history as a transformational tool in ceremonies, celebrations and even in times of war. It can soothe us in the form of a gentle rain or create anxiety invoked by blarin
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  • Christina Grozik, Director:
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10 / 10

Wonderful information that can improve your health.

Very informative movie about sound therapy and how it can be utilized in your health care journey. Excellent science to give the evidence to support this modality in healing. I would highly recommend all physicians utilize sound therapy in their patients care plan. Fantastic job done by all who shared their experience.

4 / 10


After reading the reviews--obviously written by the film makers -- I was quite excited by this. But, as usual, it' as boring as sh**. Long winded to the max. Om doesn't even come into it. Could have been way better with better editing.

10 / 10

Can't say enough about this

What can I say? It's fabulous! I was mesmerized for 75 minutes and this is coming from someone with the attention span of flea. Christina Grozik, I learned so much from this. Thank you for making this documentary about how sound impacts our everyday lives.