Gogol. Viy (2018)

Sergey Badyuk, Yuliya Frants, Oleg Menshikov, Alexander Petrov,
Gogol. Viy is a movie starring Alexander Petrov, Evgeniy Stychkin, and Artyom Suchkov. A serial killer murdered eleven women around a village, rumors spread that the killer is a dark horseman. Gogol is ordered to investigate the...
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  • Aleksey Chupov, Aleksey Karaulov, Natalya Merkulova, Writer:
  • Egor Baranov, Director:
  • Valeriy Fedorovich, Evgeniy Nikishov, Producer:

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8 / 10

Ready For The Third Film

I personally like these films. They have a great Gothic feel to them. We are battling demons, witches, nymphs and uncertain pasts making this a great boiling pot for an "Anything Could Happen" type of film.

I'd recommend it for folks who like to watch Gothic horror. While most of it is taking place in a small village, there are scenes of a more opulent nature taking place in the house of a nobleman so there is some of the more lush qualities of Gothic style to be seen and more to come in the next film.

I liked it and I am looking forward to the next film.

10 / 10


I really loved it, the atmosphere, the story, not knowing what will happen next, I think it deserves a higher score. I hope they will make another. I watched twice.

10 / 10

Absolutely faboulos movie

The best Russian horror movie I saw, which could be the worthy competitor of western horror movies. I love the book and read it many times, I thought the movie will not be able fully describe the mysterious world of Gogol's stories, but I was excited from the first to the last minute. Playing of the actors are awesome, the special effects are fabulous and THE MUSIC! Just fantastic and already in my playlist. Highly recommend to see especially for lovers of Gogol's oeuvre.

10 / 10

The long-awaited sequel

I was absolutely in love with "Gogol. Nachalo" and couldn't wait to see the sequel. It's awesome. "Viy" differes from the first part, but in a good way. Again, all the actors are great, the decorations, costumes and makeup are wonderful. Thank you for it))) Now I'm longing to see how it all will end.