Goblin (2020)

Weston Banning, Joe Cummings, Pat Giglio, Phoenix Hernandez, Teresa Isbell, Wayne Lundy,
Goblin is a movie starring Ashley Rene, Joe Cummings, and Houston Towe. A young woman fights to protect her son from her abusive new husband and a ferocious creature lurking in the shadows.
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  • Rosa Parnake, Writer:
  • Chris Lee, Director:
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1 / 10

im lost of words...

This is the homemade horror genre that weve come to know over the last years, a terrible menice of filming, with reflections and shadows of camera crew, lousy sound quality and a cast that seems to have had colgate or pepsodent toothpaste up in there where the suppositoriums usually goes, but there are always an exception from the golden rule and that is the acts of a young boy that seems too young to understand that this is dead serious and act normal.

so no other spoilers from me that the story is lame ,the beast is grim and its moreof a psychological terror of domestic violence kind of film if you ask the grumpy old man. its a socalled horror film and its horribel.less the one and no recommend

2 / 10

Emotions all over the place

This is one hell of a mess and was the longest 68 minutes of my life. Terrible acting efforts, however, Joe Cummings managed to pull off his character. I wanted to punch the screen at my frustration at watching this. David Mason, wtf, has he never acted before, or even had any social interaction with anybody. Ashley Rene is well fit and kept my anger from boiling over into screen violence. Her acting ability might improve with experience. 1 star for the movie, Ashley Rene gets the other star. Expect nothing from this movie, put it on, walk out of the room, pop in after 11 minutes, hang around for about 20 seconds, leave again. You are safe to return after another 57 minutes.

1 / 10

Dreadful but funny.

I watched the trailer for this, thought it looked awful and figured I'd watch it anyway, so I'm not sure who is stupider, me or this movie. Low budget, poorly written, the real winner here is the bad acting, acting so beyond bad I was laughing. Even the family dog is a bad actor. An unlikeable family moves to a new house and all 4 are played by bad actors, but none as are as bad as David Mason who plays the creepy neighbor. He has one acting credit, this Goblin turd of a movie. Where did whoever cast this, find these people ? Other then the bad acting, you have to wonder if the writer and director were even human and have ever observed how people talk or react while communicating. Someone asks someone a question and the other person just stares off into space ? Were they paid by the line ? There is also this very faint, annoying ,background music that plays throughout most of the movie, that I guess is suppose to be the soundtrack ? While the movie can be credited with having kind of a plot, by the time it ends various scenes in the movie have been left unexplained, as if any audience member will actually care. This really is dreadful, there is no horror to it or suspense, yet I wasn't bored by it and found it kind of enjoyable because everything they could get wrong , they did. Even the dead Cougar looks like it was created from an old bathmat. Plus I laughed from beginning to end. This is a 1 star movie that is kind of worth watching.

2 / 10

Oh, this was bad...

Well, I must admit that I had expected just a bit more than what "Goblin" turned out to be. I mean, at least I had hoped for a proper creature feature of sorts, but instead I was served a slow paced storyline with a horribly CGI animated goblin.

One might hope that a movie such a the 2020 "Goblin" from writer Rosa Parnake and director Chris Lee would have turned out to be an interesting movie and a good addition to the creature feature genre, but that was most certainly not the case.

The storyline in "Goblin" was just so generic it was boring to watch. And it didn't help much that the pacing of the movie was so incredibly slow. Nor did it help much that the dialogue was as horrible as the characters were one-dimensional. Yeah, it just wasn't the finest moment of cinema history here.

For a horror movie, then "Goblin" was anything but scary. There was virtually nothing scary in the movie, unless you count really, really bad CGI as being scary. If so, then you're in for a treat. It puzzles me that movies with this level is dubious CGI still get to see the light of day in 2020.

"Goblin" is a movie that you might as well give a very wide berth, because it was not entertaining, nor was it particularly enjoyable either. Yet, I managed to sit through the ordeal right up to the bitter end.

My rating of "Goblin" is a mere two out of ten stars. You are best off spending your time, money and effort elsewhere, trust me.

10 / 10

Excellent for a low-budget horror

Definitely have to give this team props for working with a limited budget and making a solid horror film. I've seen major budget horror films that piss you off for how bad they are. Goblin was very ambitious under the circumstances and they told the story well while keeping it simple. Also, the ending was unexpected and a nice surprise. The lead actor does a phenomenal job of carrying the film even though he gets under your skin, and that means he did his job. Congrats to the team and keep creating.