Gidget Goes to Rome (1963)

James Darren, Cindy Carol, Jessie Royce Landis, Cesare Danova,
Gidget Goes to Rome is a movie starring James Darren, Cindy Carol, and Jessie Royce Landis. Gidget, in Rome for a holiday, misinterprets attention she receives from a famous journalist. Discovering he is "chaperoning" her at Dad's...
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  • Ruth Brooks Flippen, Katherine Albert, Dale Eunson, Frederick Kohner, Writer:
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8 / 10

Light comedy--circa 1963

Of the three Gidget movies, this one was my favorite--maybe because I was four and six when the other two movies came out. Cindy Carol's Gidget comes closer to the Sally Field Gidget than Sandra Dee's or Deborah Walley's did. The actress who portrayed the aunt (Jessie Royce Landis) reminded me a lot of Agnes Moorehead.

You can't watch this movie and expect grand performances--these are kids and the subject matter isn't Shakespeare. (Lighten up, people!!) You have to take this movie for what it is--circa 1963. Most comedies 42+ years ago were fluff..

If you don't take this type of comedy too seriously, watch it just for the fun of it..

9 / 10

Cindy Carol is the best Gidget

This is one of my favorite movies, it features Cindy Carol. She is my idea of the perfect girl, she is so pretty and has a perfect personality. I wish she was in more movies. This movie would be nothing without her in the lead role. I think this is the best of the Gidget movies. She is a little known actress, watch this movie and she if you agree that she deserved more movie roles. Filmed in 1963, the height of the beach movies. A great movie for all ages. It stands the test of time, it's just as good today as it was 40 years ago. I wish Cindy stared in the Gidget TV show, I can't get enough of her joyful personality.

10 / 10

Cindy Carol is great!

Cindy Carol effortlessly projects warm and verve onto the silver screen. The storyline is written for children and teenage women of the early 1960's. Like so many movies during the 60's, (e.g., 007 films), Gidget Goes to Rome was probably snubbed by some reviewers of the time, only to reappear decades later to a new audience of more appreciative viewers. It is now a classic period piece of that particular time and genre. I rented the VHS tape and noticed that Ms. Carol's name was way down the list on the credits shown on the cover. Cindy Carol's face in shown for most of the 110 minutes this film runs. With her beauty, presence and naturally bubbly personality, she is carrying the entire cast.

7 / 10

While 13 years old, I met Cindy at a drive in theater.

Gidget, played by Cindy Carol was at our local drive in theater in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pa, during the fall/summer of 1963. I was 13-years old. And during intermission, there, sitting at a round, rod-iron outdoor table, sat Gidget, in the same pink dress you see her in, on the "Gidget Goes To Rome", IMDb page! She wrote on the autographed picture, "To Rick with love, Cindy Carol" How cool was that! Frankly, I don't remember much about the movie except that it was curious for a "movie star" to find herself, 'here and now' at the Ardmore Drive in theater, which was in itself, a very special drive in. It was a modern, state of the art facility. Big wide screen, great concession stand and on both sides of which, there were mini, "theater rooms" where drive in movie goers, could venture out from their car and sit inside, with theater seats and sound, and watch the movie. During those early/mid teenaged years in the 60's, us kids would "sleep out" and at night go sneak over the hill through the thick trees in the back, to get into the drive in. Since they had the indoor seats, we would naturally go to "lover's cars" in the back of the drive in, knock on their windows, and ask for their stubs, so that when Chucky Pollack would make his rounds in the theater, he would ask to see our tickets. There may be 4 or 5 of us in there and we'd all pull our tickets out of our pockets. Chucky would say, "Why are all the ticket numbers out of sequence?" We would respond, "Because we all came in different cars!" Those were truly, the good old days! The drive in's been gone for many, many years as most have gone that way, which now is a strip mall with one of the most used, "Giant Eagle" super markets in Pittsburgh. I hope Cindy reads this one day she might look for her acting accomplishments on IMDb, and just maybe, she will remember that one particular night in Pittsburgh (Braddock Hills) when she sat outside at the drive in and signed autographs at the Ardmore Drive In -- making lasting memories in the heart and mind of a young, movie going enthusiast and still "Cindy Carol-fan"! Cindy turns 65-years old this year (2009). At last check, she was teaching in California. Dare you leave me a message Cindy. I'd love to catch up! Perhaps leave me a message at ladymoon here on IMDb!

5 / 10

Weakest of the Three Movies

Although this movie is the weakest of the three Gidget films, it's still a fun view. James Darren is back again as 'Moondoggy' - always a good thing. It's also nice to see the Rome of the early 60s, Cesar Danova is gorgeous, and Jessie Royce Landis is charming. Cindy Carol? Not too much of an actress and definitely second rate compared to Sandra Dee and Deborah Walley. The girl was two-dimensional all of the way through the movie. However, she didn't have as much to work with, script-wise, as the other two actresses, so I'm not sure that it's totally fair to compare them. Being the third sequel, what should we expect, after all? Still, it is a fun movie and actually has some funny bits that are intentional (and some that are unintentional, but not surprising given how old the movie is). If you liked the first two 'Gidget' movies, you'll probably enjoy this one, as well. Just don't expect too much in the way of great acting, slick plot lines, and scintillating conversation.