Gia (1998)

Angelina Jolie, Faye Dunaway, Elizabeth Mitchell, Mercedes Ruehl,
Gia is a TV movie starring Angelina Jolie, Faye Dunaway, and Elizabeth Mitchell. The story of the life of Gia Carangi, a top fashion model from the late 1970s, from her meteoric rise to the forefront of the modeling industry, to her...
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/ 10

This movie turned out to be a very unexpected favorite of mine. AngelinaJolie stars as the late Gia Marie Carangi, an Italian American woman whorose from a humble Philidephian beginning to worldwide fame as the firstknown "supermodel", and whose short-lived career spanned from the lateseventies to the early to mid eighties. Jolie is super-impressive as sheportrays the highs and lows of Gia's fame: strutting through a crowd ofadmirers, the look on her face saying, "I'm GIA, and you're nobody!";endulging in glamour drug of the moment, cocaine; fiercely proclaimingherlove for Linda (Elizabeth Mitchell), right in front of Linda's boyfriend;tearfully begging her visiting mother (Mercedes Ruehl) to stay with her,then hurling obscenities at her while throwing her baggage out of theapartment; and quietly and gracefully accepting the most tragic newsabouther health, just as she's finally getting her life on track. This moviedeals very frankly with Gia's sexuality and there is some nudity andscenesof sexuality, but looking past the sex and the drugs and the toughexteriorshe displayed (especially when someone took her knife away from her), yousee a very lost, fragile person. Gia is almost childlike in herdisillusionment about the fashion industry, and you feel it in the wayshefantasizes about a "normal" life with children, the way she feels likepeople regard her as a "piece of meat" with no brains, and the way she isso truly hurt by a fellow model calling her hateful names in a jealousrage.I think this movie is something that should be seen by people of allages,regardless of its sexual content, because it carries a strong anti-drugmessage as well as a touching story we can all identify with even if a lotof us are not blessed with the kind of glorious physical beauty Gia wasblessed with.

8/10 / 10

A tremendous biography of a supermodel, Gia Carangi. Her beauty gracedmagazines profusely in the late 70's. She knew as a little girl just howattractive she was. Her short life dealt with defiance of authority,lesbianism, love/hate relationships, drug addiction andAIDS.

Angelina Jolie was excellent as Gia. Her profanity, nudity and lesbian lovescenes scorch the screen. Ranking among the best on film. Also in this eyeopener is Elizabeth Mitchell, Mercedes Ruehl and Faye Dunaway.

With all the violence, nudity and profanity; can not believe this is ratedRinstead of X. But I am not complaining. This is a tragic story about acomplicated life. A very interesting bio.

10/10 / 10

Gia's a great biographic film with a credible story, great cast and greatpresentation. Angelina Jolie's performance here is nothing less thanincredible, in fact there was a short time when I thought she's really Giaherself and that she's really troubled...that's how convincing her act is.Mercedes R makes a great support role...and a mother aswell.

There are so many things to learn here, like how fashion was in the 1970'sand 1980's, Gia's lesbian crave, the drugs and the AIDS. The film is sorealistic, you'll really care for the people and the events thatunfold.

Definitely a must-view!

/ 10

I rented the unrated version from NetFlix.

Gia is a powerful movie. It is two stories intertwined into one: thelife of a confused teenage girl, looking for love and acceptance, andof the modeling industry and its effect on the emotions and egos (nomatter how large or small) of those in front of the camera. As a womanwho worked within the industry several years ago, I could relate to theconfusion that Gia felt.

Angelina Jolie gave the viewer an excellent portrayal of a lonelyteenage girl who was trapped inside an adult woman, her only comfortbeing her lover and later, her drugs.

The performances of the actresses were on target; the message wasclear. A haunting movie worth purchasing.

10/10 / 10

An unforgettable film about a supermodel, named simply Gia. Stunningperformance by Angelina Jolie as Gia and Faye Dunaway as her agent. Themovie plays out like a documentary and is filled with interviews bythose who knew her during her career as a model and the family wholoved her. It's a fast paced film and exciting to see the undergroundworld of modeling. It is based on Gia's often-poignant journal. Itgives us a glimpse on the darker side of fame that we do not often lookin on. It will be hard to watch at times and harder not to at others.It will make you thankful that if you are thirty or forty-something,that you made it through this difficult time in life, a time when noone knew about the painful consequences that would consume a life. Giais a movie for the strong at heart or the weak who wish to be stronger.After watching the movie, I looked at her website and was eerilysurprised that I recognized that face from one of my mom'sCosmopolitans. I am grateful her memory lives on through her journaland this under-rated film. Two-thumbs up!