Gekijouban Violet Evergarden (\N)

Yui Ishikawa,
After the aftermath of a war, a young girl who was used as a 'tool' for war learned to live. With the scars of burns, she goes back to her past to feel the true feelings of the Major's, "I love you."
  • 8.5 /10.0 IMDB Rating:
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  • Kana Akatsuki, Writer:
  • Director:
  • Hideaki Hatta, Shin'ichirou Hatta, Shinichi Nakamura, Shigeru Saitô, Kazusuna Umeda, Producer:


7 / 10

It has a win-win ending

I've been into anime for a couple of months and finding an anti mainstream anime is challenging but so glad found this one!!! It's nothing like you'll be expecting, because basically every movies/ series put their everything on the main character and their stories but not this one. I'm touched and cried watching 'Violet' series :(

10 / 10

A Truly Emotional Experience

This movie is for both people who have seen the series and those who haven't as well. But it takes you on an emotional experience unlike any other I have seen to date. I went to see this with my adult son, his girlfriend and my good adult male friend. And my son kept saying the movie got to me and went on to admit how he couldn't resist crying throughout even though he had never watched the series and my adult male friend said the same even though he had. And here I was in the middle crying between them. And these men rarely ever cry. It brought back in a lot of history about Violet Evergarden but incorporated a new story based off a previous one, a new unique story that will definitely tug at your heartstrings and answers to the one thing the series never did that will also make you emotional. It did several time jumps but it showed how things ended for Violet which if you have seen the series will show how much she changed and allow you to find out how her life ended up. To me it tied up all of the loose ends and allowed a truly emotional experience by a woman who had had at one point no idea what emotions were to feel everything. And to be able to put them into words which was something that took more effort than you would realize if you haven't seen the series. The ending will leave you content and happy.

10 / 10

A work of art

An enjoyable movie as a standalone film. A work of art if you have watch the series prior to watching it. The series is good, but for me it only act as a side quest while we learn about the character, whils the movie is the main quest. Go watch it if you can, it is a must watch for me.

9 / 10

It's a good movie BUT...

The first scenes from the movie would make more sense if you watched the series, understanding who the grandmother is and how/why the letters she cherishes exist, who Violet is and who the Major is to her but from a viewer point-of-view it's not mandatory.

The animation is fantastic beyond compare, the characters are believable and as a stand-alone movie it is amazing BUT I can't help but feel the writers have cheapened the whole experience of tracking down 'the major', I feel it should have been a 25 episode epic of Violet chasing down rumors and shadows while Major Gilbert, feeling remorse for forcing her into combat eludes her, ending with a pan-ultimate scene where Violet finally embraces her one true love and cries 'I am alive, I am free and I love you too, from the bottom of my heart'.

I realize that not everybody likes long running series (for example Bleach, Fairy Tail, Attack on Titan, Black Clover - even Fruits Basket and Clannad) and to them this must seem beautiful, and it is, I rated 9/10 but what is to become of the series now? Though it is somewhat Japanese to know the end in the beginning (I want to eat your Pancreas, Grave of the Fireflies etc.) so perhaps some shadow chasing is still possible and this isn't the death bell of the series created by the talented Kyoto Animation studio.

10 / 10

Beautiful movie and a satisfying ending

This movie is based on an anime series known as violet evergarden and it is not a standalone movie. For new watchers and viewers please watch the previous series and installments first before watching this movie in order to fully gain an understanding and enjoyment of the characters and the storyline. Anyways, I thorughly enjoyed this movie from start to finish. Storyline was great as it was in the series, plenty of emotional scenes, animation beautifully done as expected from kyoto animation. A great watch