Gatecrash (2018)

Olivia Bonamy, Ben Cura, Samuel West, Anton Lesser,
Gatecrash is a movie starring Olivia Bonamy, Ben Cura, and Anton Lesser. A dark psychological thriller which follows a couple who find themselves in a hit and run situation, with the evidence suggesting there was no accident.
  • 5.3 /10.0 IMDB Rating:
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  • Terry Hughes, Alan Pattison, Writer:
  • Lawrence Gough, Director:
  • Craig Conway, Alan Latham, Producer:
8 / 10


The writers and director behind this gem certainly knew what they were doing in creating a small, very watchable and entertaining film. While not filled with much action, they've still managed to make this a mesmerizing journey that boasts phenomenal performances from the small cast but especially it's star, Olivia Bonamy. Anton Lesser also deserves a round of applause .The movie starts out great , pulling us in with it's violence, sharp editing and a perfect setting for the story to unfold. This is a detail oriented movie and performance driven. Suspenseful at times , unnerving at others, I understand it was originally a play and has a very defined first and second act. Another great example of how important casting is to a film, these actors were fantastic choices and for the performances and well written twists and turns of the plot, this is a must -see.

1 / 10

Don't trust reviews that focus on the director rather than the actual film

All too often we see new indie films come out with glowing reviews that go straight into what a great job the director did and with a small budget. These reviews more often than not, come from the directors themselves or someone close to them.

1 / 10

Wtf is this?

You know the premise sounded quite interesting, but when I turned the movie on and 40 minutes later I have no idea wtf is even happening and seems to have very little to do with the plot then its a complete failure and a garbage movie.

Don't even bother wasting your time. I'm not even a harsh critic. Seems common these days that someone comes up with a cool idea but the execution goes so far off the rails and sends you straight into a wall. Hire me to write your movies and I assure you they will be better than this!

Maybe the ending gets better... I highly doubt it though. Turning this off before it consumes more of my time.

9 / 10

Wow - a surprising masterpiece...

A really great film and highly entertaining. The story was exciting and full of suspense considering the number of actors (5 with the baby). A strange plot that worked really well. The acting was superb BY EVERYONE, and the filming, the setting, and the minimalistic and dark nature of... well everywhere... including the garage, was clever.

Highly recommend this unusual British psychological movie. Gave it a 9 because I think the ending needed further explanation although I THINK I got it! ??

1 / 10

Most boring movie I seen in years

This movie is so boring, I had to try really hard making it past the first 10 minutes, even more past the second 10 minutes and didnt make it past the 30 minute mark. Only hipsters can rate this above 1 star, its a wast of time and utter bad