Foxhole (\N)

Over 36 hours in three different wars, a small group of soldiers grapples with mortality, futility and an increasingly volatile combat situation.
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2 / 10

Wardrobe Lost this one....

I like war movies and was really looking forward to this one, but it was so bad I actually gave up on it and shut it off. It was just too painful to continue.

Many things can ruin a movie... actors, directors, plot, all kinds of stuff, but it was wardrobe that killed this one.

Hard to believe, I know, but when there's two dozen civil war soldiers dead on the battlefield and more live ones in foxholes, but every single one of them has a brand new unsoiled uniform, including lily-white shirts, after days of battles you just can't see anything else. It's kind of like trying to take Conan seriously wielding a sword while he's wearing Reeboks.

This film has a number of 10-star ratings, but it's so bad, I'm wondering about their authenticity. I gave it a generous 2 stars only because it has the vibe of a play that some people may be into.

2 / 10

A Trench, A Bomb Crater, A Humvee But No Foxholes At All!

I hate wars but I don't mind watching war films (especially documentary pieces of things you normally never hear about...or are told). Many war films contain about 70%-90% of factual history (except the point that mostly all the American films tell their tales as though it was America, and only America, that were the victors of Europe of insult to all the other western allies who died at that time). This one however?

I am currently 2 for 2 in the losers stakes as I have just finished watching another WW2 war film before this one and, it was another one with a completely inaccurate title for its feature. I mention this to all as there was not a sight of a single battlefield foxhole in any of the 3 war story segments shown. The last segment should have used Vietnam, instead of Iraq; as I am pretty sure the last foxholes dug there - in a wartime situation - was very likely by the British 8th Army, during WW2.

As the very first reviewer has mentioned, the uniforms were too fresh and clean; something that would only be so on your first couple of days or so. It was too dirt and mud ridden to keep a uniform looking clean.

I'm certain that almost every subject under the sun would have been talked about, at some point or another, in the wartime foxholes of history. Especially why they were where they were and is God real if he allows something like war to happen! In these three story outlines however they only argued and squabbled among themselves; but in segment 1 it was mentioned about why are we here...and that's all!

I think that the title could have been more like, "A TALE FULL OF HOLES" because it was - except for the uniforms ?? - with no entertainment that would keep you glued to the spot.

I give it a 1 star for the cinematography on the whole, and 1 star for good camera work in the WW1 Black & White segment. Other than that I thought it was a poor offering!