Fortress (2021)

Bruce Willis, Chad Michael Murray, Shannen Doherty, Jesse Metcalfe,
A group of criminals hellbent on revenge, forces a retired officer and his son to save the day.
  • 3.2 /10.0 IMDB Rating:
  • DatePublished:
  • 2021-12-12 Added:
  • Alan Horsnail, Writer:
  • James Cullen Bressack, Director:
  • Randall Emmett, George Furla, Luillo Ruiz, Chad A. Verdi, Producer:


1 / 10

Instead of Killing Time... It kills Brain Cells

My question is... is Bruce in a contract he wants out of and just won't act or does he have Cognitive impairment. And anymore he is never in a film with another star. Does he need the money.

4 / 10

No punch lines, no funny quotes, nothing but emptiness.

"Fortress" is a movie that will bore you to death. No really, I do not understand what Bruce is doing here. After watching his previous flops ("Survive the game", "Apex", "Hard Kill" etc.) Too many bad movies to write down here. Bruce Willis has had a rewarding career as a butt-kicking action star from his days in the 'Die-Hard' Franchise. However, as age catches up with him, he can't quite move the way he used to, and he seems to be losing his flair as the projects he has been landing latest aren't the Box office kind of titles. All his latest movies are not worth watching. I try to understand but it seems that he lost his appetite for acting. Is he trying to set the world record for acting bad in every new movie featuring Bruce? I don′t get it. This was only part one, so two more to come as it is apparently a Trilogy. Aren′t we lucky? But just maybe part 2 and 3 will be so good that we forget all the recent films with Bruce. Also when he speaks, he lost his tonality. We have to wait 66 minutes before we hear Bruce with his acting voice. But by then the movie is over. The combat scenes with the sexy girls are ridiculous but sometimes fun to watch. The storyline is better than his recent movies, not his acting. For me there was one surprise. Outstanding acting from Michael Sirow, who plays Ken Blain. One of the US Special forces who is befriended with Robert (Bruce Willis). Michael Sirow also plays in "Survive the game", just like Chad Michael Murray (Balzary). The only difference is that Michael has something extra to give to the audience. Chad′s acting is consistent, meaning he cannot act better given the cast and the plot / storyline to work with. Overall a 4/10 which is twice as high as I rated Bruce his last movies. If you are a Bruce Willis fan, you might enjoy this movie. But if you are a "Die Hard" fan, you will not. No punch lines, no funny quotes, nothing but emptiness.

1 / 10

Another Willis film. You know what I mean.

Whenever I see a Bruce Willis film now, I expect zero effort from the actor. This is a cookie cutter movie with badly scripted lines - made far worse by Willis.

It's pretty obvious he just shows up for the paycheck.

2 / 10

What a shame for a fallen star

Bruce Willis and his recent films became the trade mark of cheep trash filmography. I stopped watching this after 20 minutes. The man must have serious financial problems, participating over and over in cheep and bad films. Not even for free this one. What a shame.

4 / 10

Grindstone keeps grinding.

Check this off the Bruno list. As usual, filmed his scenes in a day and the whole project was less than three weeks. Kelly Greyson is flat out gorgeous and has some acting chops. Story is thin, but there will be a Fortress 2.