Foreigners out! Schlingensiefs Container (2002)

FOREIGNERS OUT! SCHLINGENSIEFS CONTAINER is a thrilling, insightful, funny chronicle and reflection of one of he biggest public pranks and acts of art terrorism ever committed. Austria 2000: Right after the FP? under J?rg Haider had
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10 / 10


One of the most important and prevailing movies nowadays, where right wing extremism is capturing almost every government in europe and around the world. Not even CH. Schlingensief, this great fighter against racism, right wing extremism could have known in 2002, that Austrian people in 2017 would empower a rout of criminal, corrupt, xenophobic into government.I am so sad about CH. Schlingsiefs passing away so early. We would have needed him today more than ever.On the other hand we austrians can be so proud to have Paul Poet, this brilliant director, writer and producer of the worldwide most important, thrilling and moving documentations. Against all problems and resistencies. Pls. watch his great movie "Empire Me" and "My Talk with Florence" too.


10 / 10

a brilliant documentary film, a really interesting work

I think Auslaender Raus! is a brilliant unusual documentary film based in a very original idea that works out in the best way. In my opinion, it changes the documentary concept to something more thrilling (using interactive media art, public pranks, in a great ironic level), it′s not the outsider view of things, it′s the action itself and it brings a little (or not so little) but intense seed of revolution to us, against this global, violent, weak system we are part of nowadays. Some measures are needed, this film shows that it is us who have to make responsible for the measures that have to be taken, and that art and minds are one great way to do it.

Agustina (from Argentina)