Force of Nature (2020)

Mel Gibson, Kate Bosworth,
Force of Nature is a movie starring Mel Gibson, Kate Bosworth, and Emile Hirsch. A gang of thieves plan a heist during a hurricane and encounter trouble when a cop tries to force everyone in the building to evacuate.
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  • Cory Miller, Writer:
  • Michael Polish, Director:
  • Randall Emmett, George Furla, Luillo Ruiz, Producer:


5 / 10

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4 / 10

Neither the crime nor the storm were thrilling nuff to captivate the attention cos the script is worse than a 90s b movie.

Generous with a 4 only cos of Gibson, otherwise this film is a total time waster.In fact, revisiting Hard Rain starring Christian Slater is much better than this lousy film.I dont kno why Gibson agreed to do this film. This movie belonged to Bruce Willis, Seagal, Van Damme, Cage, etc.

The lead actor Emile Hirsch has a double chin.The lead villain David Zayas shud hav at least remove his goatee to delete his Dexter image from our minds. He ain't convincing at all.In fact Lance Henrickson wud have done a better job.Kate Bosworth is looking haggard.Stephanie Cayo with her make up n style is looking too hot for a cop.Gibson is totally wasted.

Ther is a scene where aft all the commotion n firing, characters have plenty of time to stitch the wound n chitchat.Ther is no hand to hand combat, no good gun action sequences, no tension or suspense, the ending with the uniform is predictable n laughable n to be honest ther is no planning or proper heist. Its jus plain burglary.

All thru the film I was waiting for some dog attack scene but wot a dud man.

4 / 10

Mel is the whole show (for all of 15 minutes)

Love him or hate him, Mel Gibson always gives 100% in whatever he does.

And he is the only reason to watch this typical Emmett/Furla time-wasting action picture. Here, subbing for Bruce Willis who usually is the nominal "star" of these poorly-written & directed tax write-offs, Mel does his best as an ex-NYC cop trying to stop a group of bad guys robbing a run-down apartment block during a hurricane.

Whatever talent indy director Michael Polish one showed is now depleted as he puts his cast -- most of them looking like they're sleepwalking except for an earnest performance by Stephanie Cayo -- through the requisite 90 minutes of low budget thrills.

The question that needs to be asked is: With every other person in Los Angeles writing screenplays, why can't EF Films find something worth the time and effort? Why waste talented people on such schlock?

1 / 10

So bad it's funny. It's a comedy basically.

Everyone involved in this must be so embarrassed. It's utter trash and even laughable at times. The plot is so predictable I figured it all out in 15 minutes. They probably rushed production because they're were definitely not a lot of takes for each shot. Watch this if you like bad movies that are so bad they're comedies

1 / 10

Something you would expect from Bruce Willis!!

Where to start!! Let's start with Mel Gibson. Its seems now a days a lot of these low budget action films are casting once great actors from the 80s and 90s in small roles to entice fans. Bruce Willis being a prime example! Gibson doesn't have a great deal of screen time in this film. The main stars are Emile Hersch and Kate Bosworth. It centres around the occupants of an apartment complex during a hurricane refusing to leave, and to make matters worse there are some nasty men now looking for something in one of the rooms. Enter Hersch the hero cop trying to get everyone out with the help of Gibson's daughter Bosworth. That's it!! You could of put Danny Glover in the apartment next door and called it lethal weapon 5. I wanted to turn the movie off afte 30 minutes but the wife insisted we finished!!