Footrot Flats: The Dog's Tale (1986)

John Clarke, Peter Rowley, Rawiri Paratene, Fiona Samuel,
Featuring the characters from Murray Ball's "Footrot Flats", (New Zealand's most beloved local cartoon strip ). Questions to be answered include: Will Wal Footrot win the affections of Cheeky Hobson over the sleazy Spit Murphy? Will...
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  • Tom Scott, Writer:
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  • John Barnett, Pat Cox, Producer:
8/10 / 10

This film was an amazing event when it was released in New Zealand.FootrotFlats has for several decades been New Zealand's most popular and bestlovedjournal cartoon strip. Murray Ball's characters are household names tomillions of Kiwis around the world, and this film gave them livingcharacter, voices, movement. The film was celebrated immensely andrightlyso as, made as it was with that unique NZ quality that comes with ourmovies, it had cartoons speaking with Kiwi accents that weren't forced ortoo Australian, NZ scenary, NZ themes that captured the rural environmentofthe day - everything about it was, and to many people no doubt still is,very familiar. The film has Dog - the real-life inspiration for whom diedafew years back which received national media attention - saving Jess, hisbitch, and starting a family, trying to keep Wall and his girlfriendCheekyapart, and discovering the meaning of being alive, as well as the humanmenaces of his life living their simple existences. A must for allpatriotsof Aotearoa, anyone who's lived on or spent time on a farm out the back ofsome place here or there, or anyone who loves good qualityanimation.

/ 10

A great piece of work by New Zealand cartoonist MurrayBall.This shows New Zealand culture at its best. Most people will think of xenawhen they think of New Zealand entertainment but this is really a piece ofart.

9/10 / 10

This movie was bloody excellent - sorry but its almost like a openingline by Wallace Footrot. Anyways They are releasing this movie on DVDfor the first time in almost 20 years on November the 9th, 2005. Themovie set the scene for many New Zealanders or as we call them Kiwi's.It shows the life on the farm, as well as the sport that many Kiwi'slove, Rugby. the life of a jealous dog who loves his owner and Loveshis owner to love him. The trials and tribulations of a Dog, and ownerrelationship, with the beautiful animal lover neighbor, his pet cat,named horse who is ferocious and a fine example or a fine male dominantcat. We can forget the many others in this movie as well

/ 10

This film was indeed a big hit when it came out in the mid-80s. I watcheditagain recently for the first time since seeing it on the big screen, andwassuprised at how different my perception was of it as an adult rather thanakid. As a kid I don't remember the awful synth music being quite so awful,yet of course this can be put down to the decade which spawned it. Thevoiceof the dog was also far too weak and naieve, and was the script, I didn'tfeel that it captured the dog's character as I imagined it having grown upreading the Footrot Flats cartoons. Aside from the script and soundtrackthough, I thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie again. The backgroundsaregreat and really capture the dark gritty feel of rural New Zealand. Theanimation is good and the rugby scenes are funny and really capture theendof an era - farmers dreaming of being All Blacks, not for money but forglory. The days before the All Blacks donned Adidas shirts. I think thatifthe soundtrack was re-recorded and some of the script changed this A Dog'sTail could be re-released and make a comeback in the theatres. However asaslice of 80s it is a pristine example as it is.

6/10 / 10

Truth is I did keep an open mind, but i could see that despite theheart of this movie it wasn't enough to hide the missing a few basicfilm making essentials. I laughed but it was usually when no one elsewas, kids and parents around laughed a little more robustly so i maybejaded, anyway I feel that...

Too many cutaways were missing, to tie things together and make it asweeter experience.

Characters needed just a little more development to give them somecharacter.

Script needed tightening as did some scenes.(wal dancing to 'outta bein love') The most defined and likable characters were RANGI and HORSE,Jess was likable enough but needed a little more attitude and morescreen time.

best voice over was RANGI(rawini prating) I recommend this if you havekids, are a kiwi or want to know about NZ and kiwis or if you are afarmer or want to know about farmers.