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Capone is a movie starring Tom Hardy, Linda Cardellini, and Al Sapienza. The 47-year old Al Capone, after 10 years in prison, starts suffering from dementia and comes to be haunted by his violent past.
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6 / 10

dementia downer

Greetings again from the darkness. I was really hoping for a Josh Trank resurgence. When his FANTASTIC FOUR became one of the worst reviewed movies of 2015, he lost out on a chance to direct a Star Wars film. Given creative control as writer-director-editor, CAPONE was supposed to be his chance bounce back and re-capture the intrigue and promise of his first film, CHRONICLE (2011). And he even chose the fascinating notorious gangster Al Capone as the subject for his comeback. What could go wrong? Well ... most everything.

Tom Hardy usually adds enough interest to make any of his projects entertaining to watch, and sometimes he's downright brilliant. Going back to BRONSON (2008), and on through TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY (2011), WARRIOR (2011), THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (2012), MAD MAX: FURY ROAD (2015), THE REVENANT (2015), and TV's "Peaky Blinders", Mr. Hardy has quite a resume of memorable characters - and the above list barely covers half. This time out he plays Al Capone ... "Fonse" ... don't dare call him Al "in this house." He has recently been released from Alcatraz where he was serving his sentence for tax evasion. Confined to his Florida mansion, Capone is only 47 years old, but looks twenty years older thanks to the effects of neurosyphillis-induced dementia. His mind is never clear and his visions take him back to his violent criminal past, or snapshots of his youth (with an ever-present gold balloon).

We can't really tell if filmmaker Trank meant this as a parody or not. Capone is seen as a mumbling near-zombie, almost always wearing a bathrobe. His eyes are bloodshot, and the once menacing gangster is now a paranoid, saggy diaper-wearing shell who noisily chomps on a cigar (or carrot), fires off his gold-plated Tommy Gun, and has constant issues with vomit-bladder-bowels. Typically a parody offers either slapstick or black comedy, but I only recall a single chuckle ... one that occurs when Capone pulls out a shotgun while on a fishing boat with his old mob buddy Johnny (Matt Dillon). Other than that, it's mostly a bleak look at dementia and the lost power of a man who follows his visions into closets and basements, and jumps up during a movie to sing-a-long with the Cowardly Lion's "If I Were the King of the Forest."

The supporting players are given little to work with. The great Linda Cardellini plays Mae, Capone's supportive wife, while Kyle MacLachlan is his crooked doctor, Noel Fisher is Al junior, Al Sapienza is Capone's brother Ralphie, and Kathrine Narducci is Ralphie's wife. There is a secondary plot point involving government surveillance as they attempt to discover the whereabouts of the $10 million Capone supposedly stashed years ago. Of course, Capone doesn't remember, and when and FBI agent (Jack Lowden, with director Trank in a cameo) interrogates him, he's unsure whether Capone is acting or actually that far gone. There is also a bit about phone calls from "Tony", possibly a long-lost Capone son borne from an affair.

The film covers Capone's final year, and mostly it comes across as a sad and depressing view of dementia. The most obvious statement on Capone's loss of power, comes in the form of a metaphor, as his beloved "Lady Atlas" garden statue is removed to be sold off. There is also a recurring moment where Capone tunes the radio to a broadcast of the Saint Valentines' Day Massacre, and family time at Thanksgiving is nothing short of painful to watch. Cinematographer Peter Deming (MULHOLLAND DRIVE, 2001) gives us a well shot film, but despite a couple of David Lynch-type moments, the film mostly lacks entertainment value. I can't figure out who might want to watch this. Trank seemed to go the deeply artistic route on a subject that's tough to watch. Maybe he'll get yet another shot.

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7 / 10

Bizarre Enjoyment packed in a Flawed, but Bold Experiment

'Tis the day I had been waiting for a long time, and the reasons are many - a gangster film, a film specifically about Al Capone, and a film led by none other than Tom Hardy. Mr. Tom Hardy, as you may or may not know it, is one of my favorite, top-tier-in-my-book, long-time admired actors, ever since first seeing "Bronson" (2008). If not counting the one episode in the 5th season of "Peaky Blinders", it's been a dry stretch of no Hardy, and, my oh my, 2nd season of "Taboo" will soon have taken three years to come out. Today, however, is a great day, as Josh Trank, director of "Chronicle" and the controversial "Fantastic Four", has come back effortful and more independent, together with Tom Hardy showcasing the doom and gloom of a gangster in his twilight hours.

"Capone" is an interesting movie to say the least, it's as unique as it is overplayed, as serious as it is hilarious, as deep as it is surface level. Part B flick, part nutty borderline-art-house oddity - kind of stuff that always jives well with me. Whoever's looking for some bizarre joy, this is a good source. 47-year old Alphonse Gabriel Capone has come home after 10 years in prison, and is spending his last months rotting away with dementia and physical problems caused by neurosyphilis. As he becomes worse, the line between reality and delusion gets blurred, and past demons come out to haunt.

Josh Trank may not have come back with a knockout, but "Capone" proves skill on his side, as well as effort and dare. Instead of re-imagining the multiple times told most famous endeavors of Al Capone, Trank chooses to depict the decaying dawn of the notorious gangster, trying to tackle the heavy themes of morality and mortality. Hardy and Trank seems to be very much on the same page, for the script and atmosphere goes hand in hand with the performance when it comes to gloom, somberness and misery. There's a good share of fever dreams, messy psychology, confusion - devices, which, sadly, shouldn't play such a big role in being a substitute for plot. Trying to differ in the niche of gangster epics, and going deep in the mentality behind a morally corrupted man suffering, "Capone" loses touch with many important elements of a movie, puts too much focus on gangster's physical decline, and struggles to pinpoint its comment on the morality behind him, sometimes feeling bleak in favor of pointlessness. "Capone", being a little lost in itself, is not as compelling as it hoped to be, and it may not make you feel good for the man, but it succeeds at making him human. Despite the fair amount of flaws, every one of them feels like counterbalanced with a goodie or another - it is undeniably entertaining and interesting seeing a gangster movie dipped in a different kind of sauce.

As a movie about the dawn of a gangster and what such a character/person experiences and goes through, it is unfortunate for "Capone" to come in the shadow of "The Irishman". There aren't that many movies specifically about the ending part of a gangster life, and these two happen to be recent, and "The Irishman", in that matter, is much more focused, deeper and way less flawed.

Last point of bother regards to previously said "as serious as it is hilarious" - there were moments when I was thinking, is there a bit of a parody at play, and is it self-acknowledged. The dramatism, but mostly some of the method madness grotesque antics of Hardy's Capone, can raise eyebrows. Personally, loved it.I heard a guy saying how Hardy could be, in a way, the next Nicolas Cage. And here's the thing, I don't know what your thoughts on him are, but Nic Cage is another guy I love and admire, and I think it's a fact, he's a lot better actor than most consider him. I could talk a lot about this, the what's and why's and how's, but my point here is, when I heard this comparison, I was like yeah, I actually can see that, just with an entirely different view than that guy had. Hardy does, in a lot of his performances, put up a similiar kind of madness, energy and flair, and, as far as I'm concerned, it's the good stuff, the kind I never can get enough of. Capone, as scripted in this vision, is a challenging role, and Hardy, naturally, gives it his all, if perhaps going on in it without any functioning brakes. I feel like overall somewhat overblown appearance of the movie as a whole cannot be blamed on the lead performance though, because the script really was mostly about that - going mad, appearing crazy, feeling confused.

The rest of the cast, though with such names like Matt Dillon, Kyle MacLachlan, Noel Fisher and Linda Cardellini, is given very little to do, with the most probably going to Matt Dillon, who's "The House that Jack Built" has impactfully changed my whole view on him, and for the better. In this specific sense, "Capone" reminded me of "Joker", and how the whole focus of them is, if compared to most movies, on a singular character, and by a huge margin. Nevertheless, not one bad acting performance in both of them.

Another thing "Capone" has going for it is its cinematography, consistently solid, well composed, and not the department it feels like a B movie in. I also very much liked the original score, very subtle, low, rumbling, lurking and in symbiosis with the atmosphere goals of "Capone".

"Capone" is probably the most flawed movie Hardy has led since "Bronson" (not counting 2012's "This Means War"), but that means nothing when everyone involved goes full in anyways. Josh Trank's third feature is a bold attempt, an unordinary character study with troubled execution, and a playground that allows Hardy to go mad. My rating: 7/10. I believe a re-watch will be granted.

10 / 10

One of the best movie of Tom hardy

A good movie of Josh trank and starring Tom hardy and Linda cardelini

7 / 10

Worth Watching Tom Hardy

It's All About Acting,To Be Honest I didn't enjoy while i was Watching The Movie , I was Saying Why ? why Do i Have to Watch An old Man Struggling In His Last Year ?

But I'm Pretty sure I loved Tom Hardy Transformation And Acting7/10 for tom Hardy Just Tom Hardy

4 / 10

a huge dissapointer

Al capone used to be an institution and a brandname for the free and selfentrepeneuring sole of the socalled underworld usa. and after viewing this , ill rather keep his memory from written books and other productions because this is just a bad reminiscence of a cruel but also a genious in the criminal trade. do not watch this for the historical update you might want, and as a film towards the topic of dementia. because its a grand misere.

its a biographical epos upon al capones last year, a broken man economically and physical and mental breakdown due to neurosyphilis, a disease contracted in the haydays of his life. it is for sure not an autobiographical flick, nor is it not a historically correct one either. its has some pieces of true demential moments that can easily be observed if your working with this kind of patients. there are the typical cognitive losses, the hallucinative sessions, wher one hears and see things that is not the, the angry outbursts without no reason, the sudden flashbacks of memories etc. there are a lot of anxiousness and suspicion against all and everyone.

what i feel though is that this story aint the real story, its just humbug written by a director that wish to make a milestone on a name in history that is just as notorious as evil roman emperors, or hitler or stalin. but its not even hitting the target at all. tom hardy tries and fullfilles the role pretty good, but the rest of the cast is a mess of outranged and desolate actors just filling in for a dime. what i will remember best from this saga is the big cigar chunked in his mouth that eventually is replaced by a carrot for helth reasons, and the grumpy growls mr hardy has specialized on through his film carriere

so with a grumpy groan i will say weve been scamed and frauded of historical facts , and if you do want to view this, put your caleidoscopic binoculars close to the eyes and think for yourself. the grumpy old man will not recommend it unless your a tom hardy nerd, or like me fascinated by the mobsters of the liquerless pimping 1920&1930's U S of A