Finding Jesus (2020)

Kj Schrock, Victor Merchan, Sarah Taylor, Lizzy Carter-Burns, Darren Richardson, Lanny Norris, Tina Shuster,
Finding Jesus is a movie starring Kj Schrock, Victor Merchan, and Sarah Taylor. Join faith-fueled friends, Muggles and Joy, as they visit the beautiful Finding Jesus Bay, a place where Christian stories are told night and day....
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1 / 10

Oh boy.

You know when you have some random depression rabbit-punch you in the the chest and make you wish there was a building taller than your one-story house that you could throw yourself off of?This was the cause of it.

1 / 10

Why Is This Even A Real Thing?

From the same company that brought us the horrid Star Wars rip-off known as Zoo Wars, comes Finding Jesus, a religious film that seems to be trying to make money off Finding Nemo. Basically, it's about two fish, Joy and Muggles, helping others with problems by using scripture from the bible and help from friends.

Yeah, I hate it. For a religious film, it sure is okay with stealing elements from Finding Nemo (and thus, breaking one of the Ten Commandments). The characters are very annoying, and the film gives a false message that scripture can immediately solve any problem or make people feel better in seconds, and the character models are all cheaply done to the point where they are always smiling (making them creepy).

7 / 10

This movie is a masterpiece!

This is, hands down, the best movie of all time. Period. When Muggles was collecting algae in a place where there was no algae, I felt that. The design of this movie is ahead of its time - I especially admire how the character's mouths and words are not in sync, and their dead, staring, cold eyes fits them so well. This movie left me in tears and it breaks my heart to see it only has 2.7/10, for it should deserve at least a 13.

5 / 10

Not my favourite but..

Well here we go. Finding Jesus was not exactly a film for me but I put it on and the cats were entertained for an hour. would rewatch. 5/10

7 / 10

This is not a film

This is just a garbage. And i ain't going to watch such a rubbish movie. ??