Fight of Fury (2020)

Cynthia Aguilar, Michael Ainis, Leila Amiri, Hannah Anhari,
Fight of Fury is a movie starring Cynthia Aguilar, Michael Ainis, and Leila Amiri. When the master of martial arts, ex-gorkha soldier, uncovers widespread sex trafficking network in his own backyard in Los Angles, with the help of...
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10 / 10

This movie is intense!! It's High Quality and I Definitely Recommend.

Master Shuny Bee as Brandon is faced with daring challenges in a crime filled world that only he can solve.It was a magical experience watching this movie. I love seeing a Martial Arts Instructor that uses his Elite Fighting Style to protect his family.It was cool to see a worldly personality deliver such poetic advice. To believe that his students and daughter benefit greatly from his wise words very realistic.

His heroic actions in the film kept me on the edge of my seat.

2 / 10

I'd rather watch kung fu cats online

This is an atrocity. The fight scene are some of the worst I've ever seen. The punches and kicks don't even come close usually with about 6 inches to spare. The fight speeds are all mixed up. Some are sped up, others are at normal speed. All look terrible. The actors seem as though the only "acting" they've done is in a backyard video. How the previous reviewer gave this 10 stars is beyond any logical reasoning. Perhaps someone involved trying to get people hyped up ??I'll go watch the fighting kitties online...they're far more exciting and better actors.

1 / 10

Wow, What a HORRIBLE movie!!

Stop making movies with your kids pocket money!I just don't get what was the whole point, it just sucks so hard that I can't believe this has been done intentionally - surely something went horribly wrong somewhere, there has to be some excuse for the lack of any intelligence.A bunch of mentally challenged people are just standing around doing nothing for the most of the movie. It is super boring and seems to last forever. The story is mostly nonexciting - there is no reason given why people are doing what ever they are doing - it's just a mess of stupidity.Poo on the 10 star rater, he is obviously a friend of the cast and crew.