Father Stu (2022)

Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson, Malcolm McDowell, Teresa Ruiz,
Follows the life of Father Stuart Long, a boxer-turned-priest who inspired countless people during his journey from self-destruction to redemption.
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8 / 10

Father Stu(2022)

."I am calling it right now Wahlberg is getting an Oscar nomination for his role as Father Stu ." For six years, Wahlberg had been so driven to tell the story of Father Stu that he self-financed the movie. He said he spent "millions and millions of dollars" to get it made.

Wahlberg gained 30 pounds for his new movie "Father Stu."To gain weight, the actor started with an initial two-week 7,000-calorie-a-day diet plan. Then during the last four weeks, he upped his intake to 11,000 calories a day.

"A dozen eggs, dozen pieces of bacon, two bowls of white rice, a cup of olive oil to start the morning," he said. "More eggs, a porterhouse steak. That's seven to eight meals a day of this."

The weight gain was one aspect of the performance, but Wahlberg noted that he felt it was the only way to show the audience just how much Long had changed by the end of his life. "Everything about Stu was predicated on his physicality. To see him lose that but to gain the strength of a thousand men spiritually, it was unbelievable. I wanted the audience to see that and understand it," he explained.

Mark Wahlberg looks unrecognizable.

Based on a true story, Father Stu is an unflinchingly honest, funny and ultimately uplifting drama about a lost soul who finds his purpose in a most unexpected place. When an injury ends his amateur boxing career, Stuart Long (Mark Wahlberg) moves to L. A. dreaming of stardom. While scraping by as a supermarket clerk, he meets Carmen (Teresa Ruiz), a Catholic Sunday school teacher who seems immune to his bad-boy charm. Determined to win her over, the longtime agnostic starts going to church to impress her. But surviving a terrible motorcycle accident leaves him wondering if he can use his second chance to help others find their way, leading to the surprising realization that he is meant to be a Catholic priest. Despite a devastating health crisis and the skepticism of Church officials and his estranged parents (Mel Gibson and Jacki Weaver), Stu pursues his vocation with courage and compassion, inspiring not only those closest to him but countless others along the way.

10 / 10

Absolutely moving

Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson star in this unbelievable true story that will have you sobbing in tears when the lights turn on. From the opening scene to the end of the credits it's like your in the room watching them film this.

Father Stu is not your ordinary faith base movie it is rated R for language throughout and to be honest this movie probably needed it. This in my opinion was probably one of Mark's better movies in years and same with Mel one of his best in years. They are great actors on their own, but every movie that they do together is a masterpiece.

Like I said this is rated R so don't go in to this thinking it's a family film and I guess it is in the fact that it's a faith film, but just with tons of language. I highly recommend seeing Father Stu.

8 / 10

Good thing the movie was based on a real person

Truth is stranger than fiction. I enjoyed the film but wish there had been subtitles. Sometimes some of the characters mumbled so much that even though there were extreme close ups with no distractions, many times I was unable to understand what was being said. I began to wonder if there was something wrong with my ability to follow the movie until afterward when I went in the restroom, I heard everyone in there saying the same thing. Probably some of the problem might have had to do with unfamiliar slang but most of it was the way the words were enunciated. Don't let that stop you from seeing it though. It is still worth seeing.

7 / 10

I'm Not Even Religious And Saw This

This movie is funnier than the ads will have you believe.

The story is of a amateur (to put it kindly) boxer who is scrappy in life. He's told often that he can't do something or that life gives him hardship and his stubborn streak kicks in. To a lot of people, his persistence is read as silly and frustrating. To a lot of people he should be beaten to death in an alley somewhere in some small rural town he hails from. Until a fateful night which puts a lot of his life in perspective. Unfortunately, I don't feel that moment is enough to generate the turn of the cheek. But, writer/director Rosalind Ross was smart enough to show how little Stuart actually changes. He instead uses his blue-collar nastiness for good rather than evil. Funny to me, to say the least. I wish they would've played more in that world. Where people expect him to be pious and uptight but ends up being a thug in a collar. There may have been extra chuckles to be mined there, ala Harrison Ford getting ice cream on his face in "Witness."

Well, the structure itself isn't anything new. And if you've seen a redemption story, you know what follows. But Mark Wahlberg does an exceptional job getting into the attitude of Stu. In a wild universe, he is Dirk Diggler grown up and trying to find salvation. Mirroring him is Mel Gibson, who plays his father who has his own moment of goodness. It's not much, but it is enough.

Yes, there are a few moments that get heavy handed. That's not to say, these things didn't occur in real life. Stu is brash, and edgy and punch-drunk dumb. He goes with the theory that he doesn't know until someone tells him it's wrong, then he doubles down. His logic is that if Christ wanted him alive, it must be that he wants him to double down for him.

I've no doubt that director Ross, whom is in a relationship with Mel Gibson, tapped the lighter side of the situation. In different hands, this plays as a broad parody. This was reigned in enough for it to hit where it needs to. Speaking of which...Jackie Weaver is such a blessing to watch. She embraces dialogue that would fall flat coming out of most actors' mouths and hits the right beats. Completely nails the humor beats without knowing she is funny. She is the quintessential White trash mom with a kind heart. She has a lot of darkness in her, but they do such a brilliant thing...and not make that the centralized burden to her life. She presses forward and referees two bulls. Though she is separated from her husband Mel, she harbors the right degree of resentment to a former relationship. The dynamics of their family are very clear.

Any way, this is a surprisingly funny flick. I found myself laughing many times at some of the absurdity that occurs. Special shout-out to Teresa Ruiz who plays the love interest. She is warm, kind and when things go wrong, does exhibit the proper reaction and emotions. She is fantastic in this!

Go check it out. I think you're going to be surprised.

Stick around for a hilarious scene during credits.

9 / 10

Refreshing inspiring movie

I haven't been to the theater to see a movie in years. I'm done with elitists morons in Hollywood. I saw Mark Wahlberg Mel Gibson and the word Father plus based on true story and I knew I'd pay to see this movie. I also know it won't get great reviews because Hollywood is stupid and look who they backed as President. I enjoyed this movie wAs ok with spending money to see it. I laughed and cried and I thank everyone who was involved in making this movie. The only way to fight the woke idiots is with our wallets.