Falling (2016)

Josh Helman, Yael Stone, Jennifer Allcott, Paul Sorvino,
Malcolm (Josh Helman, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD) is thrust into depression after his wife, Sarah (Yael Stone, "Orange is the New Black"), tragically dies. When he meets someone new, Nya (Jennifer Allcott, Slamdance winner KATE CAN'T SWIM...
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  • Joe McKernan, Adam C. Sherer, Golan Ramraz, Writer:
  • Ali Askari, Director:
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7 / 10

Gentle meditation on recovering from grief

This indie gem asks what happens to the widower if his dead wife becomes jealous of his new girlfriend. The answer is neither blood, guts and gore ?or sappy. It's about how a person has to change to accommodated loss. And it is full of hope.

1 / 10

Don't Rent or Even Watch for Free

You guys, I don't know why this movie has a 9.3 rating. It was really not done well. Acting was extremely mediocre, producing and directing was extremely amateur. I would have to believe the 70 user that submitted amazing rating were friends and family. The story line could have been interesting but you cannot overlook the bad acting, dialog, and directing. We were very unimpressed and a little more ticked off that we rented it based on the rating. Sorry for the bad review but I don't want anyone else to waste their money renting this movie due to the deceiving rating.

10 / 10

Suspenseful, romantic, fun... just good

A movie like this almost shouldn't work, but it really really does. The acting is AMAZING. The guy from Mad Max and the girl from Orange is the New Black are both Australians and you would never know it. They're just awesome in this. Plus Paul Cicero from Goodfellas (the guy who sliced the garlic in prison) is hilarious - didn't see that coming. Some nice subverting expectations, but in a good way. Solid all around. Totally recommend.

1 / 10

What did I just watch?

I wanted to watch this movie because of the good ratings but I feel like I wasted my time watching it. Very bad acting, though I'm sure the actors did their best. I feel like this movie was rated with fake reviews? Hmmm...

10 / 10

Unique Love Story

The love story in Falling is truly unique and has some interesting plot twists and turns. The cinematography and acting are very well done. Falling is a fun movie to watch, even though it is not a comedy. There are however some lighthearted moments. I highly recommend it.