Excuse Me (2012)

Sara Hjort Ditlevsen, Nicolas Bro, Lotte Andersen, Søren Østergaard,
'Excuse Me' is a love fable of the young beautiful but confused, Helene, who according to her domineering mother has come into the world as a 'technical hitch'. Helene's search for her unknown father leads her to a small ailing Co...
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  • Maja Jul Larsen, Erling Jepsen, Writer:
  • Henrik Ruben Genz, Director:
  • Thomas Gammeltoft, Producer:

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9 / 10

A bit absurd but quite funny

The main caracter is a young women who's dog gets a role in a theater production. Most of the film takes place in the small independent theater in financial and artistic distress. The film is based on a novel by danish playwright and novelist Erling Jepsen and contains a not very flattering selfportrait. A bit like a Woody Allan movie.

8 / 10

Finding out about ... well what exactly?

If we're talking characters in the movie, then our main character finds out about herself and some of the people she loves (and they love her ... probably and in different ways) ... if we are talking about the viewers ... well they also find things out. Either about the characters in this movie or about themselves. I mean I wouldn't be surprised if some would start having some fetishes after seeing the movie ... sexual and otherwise.

Now go and be a good dog ... I mean boy ... wait .. let's not go there please. But the movie does all this in subtle and good fun. It is not laugh out loud funny moments you will come to cherish, but the weird and silent ones, that might make you shake your head too. Like another reviewer said here "absurd but quite funny" ... fully agreed.