Every Brilliant Thing (2016)

Jonny Donahoe,
Every Brilliant Thing is a TV movie starring Jonny Donahoe. A son creates a list of things worth living for--all in an attempt to raise the spirits of his chronically depressed mother--in this adaptation of the acclaimed...
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10 / 10

Truly amazing!

There are many reasons this one-man show is great but my gut says the best reason is because no conclusions were drawn about how to solve depression and suicide. It's one mans approach to coping with bipolar disorder in his family and in himself. It is brilliant in every way. Watch it and if you've ever suffered from depression you'll be glad you took the time.

10 / 10

A child's eye view of depression

Working with suicidal people, I believe that not only the writing was spot on, but so was the interaction from the actor. It filters loss through the eyes of the innocent.

10 / 10

Some things last a long time

This documentary is a bitter sweet journey through the world of depresssion, or mental ilness as a whole.The genuiness of the presentation, of the presenter himself and the pure joy and feelings that can be seen on his face at times makes it so worth watching.In a world most times so disconected from real emotion, it is so rare that someone can be so expressive in language. Simple words used, but deep meanings.Highly recommended for anyone that is not to proud to feel like a little kid again, with all the good and bad things that can shape you in ways you will never fully understand.