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Jessica Chastain,
Ava is a movie starring Jessica Chastain, John Malkovich, and Common. Ava is a deadly assassin who works for a black ops organization, traveling the globe specializing in high profile hits. When a job goes dangerously wrong she is...
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  • Matthew Newton, Writer:
  • Tate Taylor, Director:
  • Kelly Carmichael, Nicolas Chartier, Dominic Rustam, Producer:


7 / 10

Loved Jessica Chastain

The plot did not have many surprising elements. However, the fight scenes and the wonderful acting of Jessica Chastain made it a very enjoyable movie to watch.

7 / 10

Jessica Chastain Saves the Day !!!

Jessica Chastain is the leading lady of hollywood and she proves her worth by single handedly saving this film. The plot is good and entertaining and while it's not an edge of the seat kind of thriller but it does the job. Changing the name from Eve to Ava was rather bizarre decision at very late but they managed it well. If you are a Jessica Chastain fan you will definitely enjoy this film but others may find it less amusing.

4 / 10

same old material

Seem to have seen many almost the same films over the past few years. Assassin with military background falling foul of her employers who turn on her. The only difference with this one was there is almost no story, why are people being killed, why turn on such a good operative. I would have walked out but it was raining

5 / 10

Just ok

It was enjoyable. Great action scenes and great make up. The acting was on point. But it did feel kinda rushed, i mean it's a 96 minutes film what did you expect, but i didn't get to connect with any of the characters and care for any of them, even Ava.

My main issue was that there was no real ending. It felt like I left in the middle of the movie...

5 / 10

30% Action 70% Telenovela

Ava Starts AWESOME with great international spy assassin action, though it fast lost heat, getting to the level of a soap opera drama with unbelievable amount of tears that i could not like.

It should have stayed on track with action, but no.

Still, i can admire the effort and above all the all-star cast, that includes the always beautiful Joan Chen, as well as old time fave John Malkovich who fought pretty good when his time came.

Jessica Chastain in her main character role as well as her nemesis Colin Farrell also did a good work, as expected from them.

The cast even includes two Oscar winners: rapper Common and the forever gorgeous Geena Davis, who at 64 even looked more elegant and stylish than the much younger Chastain during the scene where the two women played cards.

So, as you can infer, cast is not a problem. Problem (in my eyes) was the plot that did make this flick and all action thriller. Because the tears and the telenovela subplot deflate the excitement, preventing the film to reach an awesome peak that would have made it truly memorable. That - sadly - did not happen.

Nevertheless, the Ava is acceptable, probably the best in offer in cinemas right now. I'd say it'd be worth of your bucks and time.