Escort in Love (2011)

Paola Cortellesi, Raoul Bova, Rocco Papaleo, Anna Foglietta,
Alice lives in a beautiful villa. She has a husband who makes a lot of money, a nine-year-old son, and three servants who happen to be immigrants. She is superficial, haughty, and racist. But everything changes the day her husband...
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  • Edoardo Maria Falcone, Fausto Brizzi, Riccardo Cassini, Writer:
  • Massimiliano Bruno, Director:
  • Federica Lucisano, Fulvio Lucisano, Producer:

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7 / 10

a delightful and charming social comment

Italian comedies always make me laugh. This one was no exception. The plot was simple but the film concentrated more on the people and social stereotypes. The characters were next-door people, very well interpreted by the actors. I find very interesting the subject of questioning whether escorting is something that women should be ashamed of under any circumstances. The movie picks the side that it can be excusable and maybe one of the few ways to quickly make good money. I liked the fact that thought-provoking is subtle and light. Usually films try too hard to create debate on social matters with melodrama but I like the comedy way. In the film it is also shown how an internet café is a hanging-out spot in a neighbourhood of poor immigrants and how the owner offers free services although being on the verge of closing the place down. All in all, the meaning that is gotten across is that we should not judge with our eyes fixed on a list of good and bad deeds, but also lay a bit our eyes on the context.

8 / 10

Funny, entertaining, feel good movie

I saw this movie last week in the theater and found it very entertaining. It's a light comedy with many funny moments and remarks. I love Italian cinema but have the impression that Italian movies are a bit slow paced. That was not the case with this movie. I'm aware that it might be subjective, but it has been a while since I have laughed as much watching a movie. I would describe it as a modern existentialist comedy with simple plot and funny characters, which at the same time brings light to some moral and cultural issues in a very profound way. Acting is great with some exceptions and I have to admit that I find Paola Cortellesi very sexy. If you like to spend 90 minutes feeling good and laughing, I would highly recommend this movie.

6 / 10

Be who you want to be

Our exterior (appearance) will determine how people will see us. How we are being treated. Obviously women can use "their weapons" (as the movie is suggesting) to get ahead of things. Now don't be offended by this already, it is after all a comedy and it tries to work with cliches while also getting the most out of them humor wise.

So go with the flow if you can and enjoy this quite silly comedy ... with romantic touches and a high predictability rate. A feelgood movie as some would call it .. so why feel bad about it, when it does a decent job?