Entergalactic (2022)

Timothée Chalamet, Vanessa Hudgens, Keith David, Macaulay Culkin, Laura Harrier, Christopher Abbott, Jessica Williams, Jaden Smith, Arturo Castro,
Jabari, a charming, streetwear-clad artist on the cusp of real success. After a chance run-in with his cool new photographer neighbor, Meadow, Jabari has to figure out whether he can make space for love in his life.
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  • Kid Cudi, Writer:
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7 / 10

Pleasantly Surprised

I actually listened to the album before I knew there was a movie and was very underwhelmed and disappointed. I usually love Kid Cudi. But when I saw there was a movie I watched it right away. Yeah, it's a rom-com so it's a bit predictable and follows the same basic formula of EVERY rom-com but it still works. I love that the animation matches the actual cast members. This movie has some really cool visuals and the music is completely made better when paired with them. Some good laughs in there too. I'll have to give the album another try after having seen the film to see if it makes more sense now. Definitely worth a watch. It's cool to see creative people branch out into new mediums.

10 / 10

I watched for the animation, but the story and the characters got me.

I saw the trailer and the animation looked pretty good. So I figured I'd endure a tired little story just to see the animation. I did not expect the story, the characters, the music, and the overall vibe of the show to be so good. This animated movie was more real and had more feeling than most of the live-action movies out there. All positive characters. The animation enabled them to put that extra element into the movie that gave the scenes and the moods more clarity. The situations were 100 percent on point. The animation is fantastic - its sharp, smooth, and unique...it's art. It was a nice surprised to find that I could actually recognize some of the actors by their voices. This movie hit just right and I'll probably watch it again.

1 / 10

Anti White

The anti white racism that we allow is horrible and extremely damaging. What a shame I loved his music back in the day. Two characters are slammed for their whiteness alone by the main characters. The portrayal is another issue. The white woman is extremely promiscuous, the coworker white man is cucked by cudi, and his white "friend" is the classic helpless white dork trope. We need to do better as a society to not allow these to become the norms. I can't even imagine a modern show involving white people that openly can't stand black people. This was extremely disappointing to see especially from such an influential artist in my life.

8 / 10

Too much smoking.

Serie/movie reminded me a bit of spider-man into the spider-verse. Its different and has a nice story.

As a Cudi fan I ofcourse loved the music, this was amplified because of the nice dolby sound system I've got. The visuals were great, different, and sometimes a bit to "laggy/shocking", for me, but not to a level that it was too annoying.

The only thing I got really annoyed with was the overly heavy weed smoking. I know he is know. For it, but does it have to be in every scene and every moment, over and over again? At some point it disgusted me (and then it must be really too much, because I live in Amsterdam).

Other then that I think Cudi that a great job and I'll love to see more of him.

8 / 10

The film is an experience. Loved it

The story, the soundtrack, the dialogue, and most importantly the visuals - all come at you from different directions pleasantly triggering your senses. The frames per second are lower than 24, yet the movements seem so natural. Facial expressions so real. Emotional reactions so relatable. Lights so beautiful. Moments so memorable.

Kid Cudi's soundtracks really elevate the scenes with emotions and work as excellent transitions from one mood to the next. The art direction and coherency of visuals stitched together is remarkable, and very unique.

I put on the film with zero expectations, and here I am writing an 8* review for one of my favorites of the year.